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Price List

CodeNameOption NamePrice
1600HF / K1S1 Adult High Flow Cannula 7 Ft TubingN/A£4.25
CD032-1 AirSep (Caire) Focus Battery Operation Coiled Cable (on/off switch) CD032-1N/A£68.75
1160002 / G1S3 Infant, nasal cannula with curved prongs and tube, 2.1mN/A£3.50
1188015 / F2S1 Intersurgical EcoLite™, adult, aerosol maskN/A£3.20
5022-Seq / B6S2 / B6S4 SeQual Eclipse Preventative Maintenance Kit 5022-SeqN/A£69.99
827-2001 / B5S41 x Firesafe Oxygen Cannula Valve 827-2001N/A£10.41
stationonly1 Oxygen Aroma Station (infusor Only)N/A£1400.00
invictus station only1 Oxygen Aroma Station (Invictus infusor Only) Silver or WhiteN/A£1650.00
2 SJ52IS641 Station Oxygen Bar PackageN/A£3499.00
1xcheckvalve11 x 3/16ID X 3/16 ID Barbed Check ValveN/A£6.50
1x303DZ-605 (F605) / A2S21 x Devilbiss Cabinet Filter for 525 and 1025 Concentrators 303DZ-605 (F605)N/A£12.98
FU004-11 X Fuse 3.0 AMP AS-20N/A£2.25
1XCAN+CANNULA1 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Can Inc 1 x 1.8M Tubing & Nasal CannulaN/A£16.99
1XREPCAN1 X O2 10 Litre Replacement Oxygen CansN/A£9.99
1 x O2GO 18L INT MASK1 x O2GO 18L Oxygen Can with Integral Mask 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£17.99
10LO2KIT10 Litre O2 Concentrator Starter KitN/A£24.50
stconnector5/32 / B4S310 x Nylon 5/32N/A£7.92
22HC031210 x Nylon Tubing ClampsN/A£7.92
10000hoses10,000 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£2500.00
100TYSMU121000 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£275.00
1016 / C1S11016 EZ Wrap Foam Cannula TubesN/A£1.85
1170000 / D2S21170000 50 M Oxygen Bubble TubeN/A£22.50
1180000 / D3S11180000 50 M Oxygen Tubing 5mm ID 8MM ODN/A£42.80
PW03040-4012 V DC Power supply for Digital Oxygen StationN/A£25.99
12XCAN+CANNULA12 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Can Inc 1 x 1.8M Tubing & Nasal CannulaN/A£109.99
12XCAN+MASK12 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans 2 x Masks and TubingN/A£109.99
12XREPCANS12 X O2 10 Litre Replacement Oxygen CansN/A£99.99
2050G / K1S115 Metre Green Oxygen Tubing 2050GN/A£7.49
2050 / K1S115 Metre Oxygen Tubing 2050N/A£7.49
CWB/2 / A2S12 Cylinder Wall Bracket for cylinders up to 50LN/A£56.99
CYB/DE22 Cylinder Wall Bracket for D/E Size CylindersN/A£55.00
CYB/F22 Cylinder Wall Bracket for F Size CylindersN/A£50.50
CYB/G22 Cylinder Wall Bracket for G Size CylindersN/A£54.50
CYB/J22 Cylinder Wall Bracket for J Size CylindersN/A£59.99
PRO2WB50LTR2 Cylinder Wall bracket up to 50ltrN/A£54.95
2stationpackage2 Station Oxygen Bar PackageN/A£4999.00
444-506 / B2S42 x Devilbiss 444-506 Straight Humidifier AdapterN/A£7.30
444-507 / B2S42 x Devilbiss 444-507 Elbow Humidifier AdapterN/A£7.52
2XCAN+CANNULA2 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans Inc 1 x Cannula and TubingN/A£24.99
2XREPCAN2 X O2 10 Litre Replacement Oxygen CansN/A£25.48
2 x O2GO 18L INT MASK2 x O2GO 18L Oxygen Can with Integral Mask 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£28.00
2002 / K1S12.1 M Oxygen Tubing 2002N/A£5.46
1174010 / D2S32.1 Metre Non PVC Oxygen Tube 1174010N/A£5.50
1968000 / F1S222mm (Internal) M Connector 6MM Oxygen StemN/A£1.59
1568000 / IS1 / IS322mm Connector F (External) 6MM Oxygen StemN/A£1.50
25hoses25 Nose HosesN/A£10.42
250hoses250 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£91.25
2500hoses2500 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£666.67
00280000 / C1S428% Oxygen Venturi ValveN/A£1.49
PL153762m UK Mains Plug to IEC C13 Socket Lead, BlackN/A£8.99
PRO3WB50LTR3 Cylinder Wall bracket up to 50ltrN/A£65.99
3XCAN+CANNULA3 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Can Inc 1 x 1.8M Tubing & Nasal CannulaN/A£28.00
3XCAN+MASK3 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans Inc 1 x Mask and TubingN/A£26.00
3XREPCANS3 X O2 10 Litre Replacement Oxygen CansN/A£26.95
3 x O2GO 18L INT MASK3 x O2GO 18L Oxygen Can with Integral Mask 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£40.44
00350000 / C1S435% Oxygen Venturi ValveN/A£0.99
3RDVC0KD183rd Wheel Gas Cylinder TrolleyN/A£465.00
PRO4WB50LTR4 Cylinder Wall bracket up to 50ltrN/A£79.99
4stationpackage4 Station Oxygen Bar PackageN/A£9999.00
11750004.0 Metre Oxygen Tubing 1175000N/A£5.95
00400000 / C1S440% Oxygen Venturi ValveN/A£0.99
1019800400 Litre (2.0 L W/C) Oxygen Cylinder Pin Index (Supplied Empty)N/A£209.99
5LO2KIT5 Litre O2 Concentrator Starter KitN/A£24.50
50hoses50 Nose HosesN/A£18.75
500hoses500 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£150.00
5000hoses5000 Oxygen Bar Nose HosesN/A£1291.67
1019797540 Litre (2.7 L W/C) Oxygen Cylinder Pin Index (Supplied Empty)N/A£320.00
5mm 01-94-1520 / D1S25mm Bore, 1.5mm Wall, 30m PVC Tubing / 5mm 01-94-1520 / D1S2N/A£7.90
5mm 01-94-1520BLU / D1S25mm Bore, 1.5mm Wall, 30m PVC Tubing BLUE / 5mm 01-94-1520BLU / D1S2N/A£13.53
6XCAN+CANNULA6 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans Inc 2 x 1.8M Tubing & Nasal CannulaN/A£57.99
6XCAN+MASK6 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans Inc 2 x Masks and TubingN/A£57.99
6 X10Lrpcans6 X O2 10 Litre Replacement Oxygen CansN/A£55.95
6 x O2GO 18L INT MASK6 x O2GO 18L Oxygen Can with Integral Mask 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£76.00
2025G / K2S17.6 M Green Oxygen Tubing 2025GN/A£5.42
2025 / K2S17.6 M Oxygen Tubing 2025N/A£6.42
8mm 01-94-1525 / D1S58mm Bore, 1.5mm Wall, 30m PVC Tubing / 8mm 01-94-1525 / D1S5N/A£9.90
BT002-19 V Battery Airsep BT002-1N/A£4.55
RP-115AC Power Supply Cable for Inogen G4 RP-115N/A£25.99
1167000 / G2S3Adult curved/flared prong cannula with tube, 1.8m length 1167000N/A£2.90
1166000 / E1S2Adult Flared Prong Nasal Cannula 1.8 m Tube 1166000N/A£2.95
1165011 / F1S2Adult Nasal Cannula Curved Prongs Dual Lumen 1.25m TubeN/A£5.20
1600-1 / K1S1Adult Nasal Cannula with 0.3m length (1') Tube, 1600-1N/A£2.95
1168000 / G2S3Adult Nasal Cannula With Curved/ Flared Prongs And Headset / 1168000 / G2S3N/A£4.20
1136Adult Non PVC Eco Mask 6mm Inlet 1136N/A£2.67
1188 / G3S3Adult Non PVC Eco Oxygen Mask 22mm Inlet 1188N/A£2.67
16003520Adult Oxygen Cannula 10.7mtr tubeN/A£4.54
1116000 / F2S1Adult Oxygen Mask & Nose Clip 1116000 (No Tubing) Mask OnlyN/A£2.45
1115000Adult oxygen mask with nose clip and oxygen tube 1115000N/A£2.99
1032620Adult size mask, multiple use (Large) for MARS demand valve.N/A£92.29
7152000 / C3S1Adult, BVM resuscitation system, 1.5L bag, size 5 maskN/A£35.00
7153000 / C3S1Adult, BVM resuscitation system, 1L bag (40cm H2O), size 4 maskN/A£35.00
7152060Adult, BVM resusitation system, 1.5L bag with pressure relief valve, size 5N/A£35.00
1165000 / G1S2Adult, nasal cannula with curved prongs and tube, 1.8m 1165000N/A£2.50
1032622Adult/Child size mask, multiple use (Medium) for MARS demand valve.N/A£83.96
HGF02-K2 / B9S4AeroVENT Foam filter for Krober 02 / HGF02-K2 / B9S4N/A£6.10
HGF01-B / B8S4AeroVENT Foam Filter For Oxy300 / HGF01-B / B8S4N/A£5.50
PW023-2Airsep (Caire) AirSep Focus Universal Power Supply PW023-2N/A£216.05
15062925 / B7S4Airsep (Caire) Companion 5 Intake FilterN/A£6.62
FI171-1 / B7S3Airsep (Caire) Compressor Bearing Foam FilterN/A£8.52
PW029-4AirSep (Caire) External Power Cartridge ChargerN/A£268.82
FI110-1Airsep (Caire) Filter FI110-1N/A£5.92
FI176-1 / B7S3Airsep (Caire) Filter FI176-1N/A£7.10
MI332-1AirSep (Caire) Focus Bag SetN/A£121.63
MI333-1AirSep (Caire) Focus Battery CaseN/A£19.20
CD032-2AirSep (Caire) Focus Battery Charging Coiled Cable (no on/off switch) CD032-2N/A£23.66
MI345-1AirSep (Caire) Focus Carrying Bag with Belt ClipN/A£31.55
F0732-1S/ACS1Airsep (Caire) Focus Outlet FittingN/A£22.83
PW023-4AirSep (Caire) Focus Universal Power SupplyN/A£203.49
MI017-1/ACS2AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle & Focus Carry-All Bag Strap MI017-1N/A£25.17
CD023-2AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle 120 V AC Power CordN/A£23.66
FI144-1 / B7S3Airsep (Caire) Freestyle 3 Air Intake FilterN/A£7.10
CD034-1/ACS1Airsep (Caire) Freestyle 3 and Focus DC ChargerN/A£39.94
MN123-1AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle 3 Manual Hard Copy EnglishN/A£16.64
FI194-1Airsep (Caire) Freestyle 5 Air Intake FilterN/A£6.20
PW021-4AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle 5 AC Power Supply UK PW021-4N/A£212.61
MI372-1AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle 5 Carry-All BagN/A£75.74
PW027-1 / ACS2Airsep (Caire) Freestyle 5 DC Charger PW027-1N/A£274.93
PW025-1 / ACS1AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle 65 Watt Universal Power Supply PW025-1N/A£190.58
MI304-1AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle Carrying StrapN/A£23.66
BT035-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort 16 Cell Battery BT035-1N/A£469.00
BT034-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort 8 Cell Battery BT034-1N/A£404.10
PW036-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort AC Power Supply Unit PW036-1N/A£205.92
MI396-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort Carry Bag MI396-1N/A£71.76
BT036-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort Desktop Battery Charger BT036-1N/A£345.00
AIR6QXL613Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort Particle Filters (Pair)N/A£92.56
MI397-1Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Comfort Shoulder Straps MI397-1N/A£21.42
FI143-2Airsep (Caire) FreeStyle Compressor Felt FilterN/A£7.10
PW022-1AirSep (Caire) FreeStyle European Universal Power Supply PW022-2N/A£238.37
WH101-1S / B7S3Airsep (Caire) Freestyle Power Input Harness WH101-1SN/A£56.83
PW005-1AirSep (Caire) LifeStyle AC Power SupplyN/A£154.96
MI231-1AirSep (Caire) LifeStyle Accessory BagN/A£46.79
PW015-1AirSep (Caire) LifeStyle DC Power SupplyN/A£98.80
BT007-1Airsep (Caire) Lifestyle Replacement BatteryN/A£0.00
PW022-4AirSep (Caire) Universal Power Supply for FreeStyle 3 PW022-4N/A£243.58
MN137-1AirSep (Caire) Visionaire 3 Patient Manual Hard Copy EnglishN/A£30.16
FI196-1 / B7S3 / B8S5Airsep (Caire) Visionaire 5 L Compressor Filter FI196-1N/A£7.10
CB078-2 / B7S2Airsep (Caire) Visionaire Control Board 220 v CB078-2N/A£126.18
MD1238H12B/B8S4Airsep 12v Mechatronics Cooling FanN/A£39.95
F0101-1 / B8S1Airsep Acoustic Foam Side PanelN/A£30.78
CCO12-6 / B7S4Airsep Aluminium Case Capacitor 10UF, Onyx CCO12-6N/A£17.99
HM009-1Airsep AS Series Hour MeterN/A£42.16
AS-AAirSep AS-A Oxygen Generator (9.4-11.8 LPM) 20-25 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AS-BAirSep AS-B Oxygen Generator (21.2-25.9 LPM) 45-55 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AB 1 Year KitAirsep AS-B Series 1 Year 8,000 Hour KitN/A£165.00
AB 2 Year KitAirsep AS-B Series 2 Year 16,000 Hour KitN/A£920.00
AB 5 Year KitAirsep AS-B Series 5 Year 40,000 Hour KitN/A£1595.00
AS-DAirSep AS-D Oxygen Generator (37.7-42.4 LPM) 80-90 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AS-D2YRKITAirsep AS-D Series 2 Year 16,000 Hour KitN/A£1211.64
AS-D+AirSep AS-D+Oxygen Generator (37.7-47.2 LPM) 80-100 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AS-EAirSep AS-E Oxygen Generator 160-195 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AS-GAirSep AS-G Oxygen Generator 250-320 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
ASG 1 YEAR KITAirsep AS-G Series 1 Year 8,000 Hour KitN/A£309.40
ASG 2 YEAR KITAirsep AS-G Series 2 Year 16,000 Hour KitN/A£0.00
ASG 5 YEAR KITAirsep AS-G Series 5 Year 40,000 Hour KitN/A£2782.00
AS-JAirSep AS-J Oxygen Generator 450-600 cuft per hourN/A£0.00
AS-KAirSep AS-K Oxygen Generator 750-900 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-LAirSep AS-L Oxygen Generator 1000-1,300 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-NAirSep AS-N Oxygen Generator 1,500-1,800 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-PAirSep AS-P Oxygen Generator 2000-2,300 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-QAirSep AS-Q Oxygen Generator 2,500-2,800 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-RAirSep AS-R Oxygen Generator 3000-3,700 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-WAirSep AS-W Oxygen Generator 4000-4,600 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
AS-ZAirSep AS-Z Oxygen Generator 5000-5,500 cufts per hourN/A£0.00
FI016-1Airsep ASJ Coalescing Filter Element FI016-1N/A£185.00
CS001-1 / B4S4Airsep Caster Assembly, Die Cast Body, 3/8"- 16 X 1" Stud, NewLifeN/A£4.17
FO039-1 / B7S3 / B8S3Airsep Centrox 1 7⁄8 x ½” Foam Filter, 15 ppi FO039-1N/A£5.56
FU014-1Airsep Centrox 1.0 Amp Fuse FU014-1N/A£4.95
FU012-1Airsep Centrox 8.0 Amp Fuse FU012-1N/A£9.50
AS074-2Airsep Centrox Oxygen Concentrator AS074-2N/A£0.00
SP005-2 / B8S4Airsep Centrox Replacement Compressor Spring SP005-2N/A£4.63
SO108-1 / B8S3Airsep Compressor Spring Bolt Onyx/Newlife Concentrators SO108-1N/A£3.60
MI118-1 / B7S3Airsep Compressor Spring Seat Onyx/Newlife Concentrators MI188-1N/A£1.50
FI153-1 / B7S3 / B8S4Airsep Filter Element FI153-1N/A£59.99
FI001-1 / B8S3Airsep Final Bacteria Filter: 5/16N/A£6.16
FM080-1Airsep Flow 6 L 9 psi Meter FM080-1N/A£0.00
FM080-2 / B7S3Airsep Flow 8 L 20 psi Meter Intensity 8 FM080-2N/A£0.00
FN001-2 / B8S4Airsep FN001-2 Newlife Fan, 220-240 VACN/A£24.75
FREESTYLECOMFORT-DOUBLE16CELLAirsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator - Double 16 CELL BATTERYN/A£2464.00
RentalFreeStyleComfortAirsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Rental)N/A£0.00
AS200-102 / N1S2Airsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator + 16 CELL BATTERYN/A£2050.00
FREESTYLECOMFORT-PACKAGEAirsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator Package DealN/A£2755.00
FREESTSERVAirsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£135.00
SW001-2Airsep High Pressure Switch SW001-2N/A£9.05
SW002-3 / B8S4Airsep High Temperature Switch SW002-3N/A£8.37
INTENSERVAirsep Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£230.00
BE186-2SAirsep Intensity 10 Sieve Bed Assembly BE186-1SN/A£421.68
MI161-3 /16112 / B8S3Airsep Intensity 8 and 10 Felt FilterN/A£10.44
BE155-1SAirsep Intensity 8L Sieve Bed Assembly BE155-1SN/A£358.38
CB154-4 / B7S3Airsep Intensity Circuit Board 220 V CB154-4N/A£141.34
FI001-2 / B7S3Airsep Internal Barbed Bacteria Filter FI001-2N/A£5.18
SW001-1Airsep Low Pressure Switch SW001-1N/A£10.05
CC006-6 / B7S4Airsep Metal Case Capacitor 10u, CCO06-6N/A£20.22
CB154-2 / B7S2Airsep Newlife Circuit Board 220 V CB154-2N/A£113.10
FI001-1 / B8S2Airsep NewLife Disc FilterN/A£7.80
NEWLSERVAirsep Newlife Elite 5 Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£125.00
CB067-1Airsep Newlife Elite Control Board 220 v CB067-1N/A£105.15
TA132-1 / B7S5Airsep Newlife Elite Intensity Tank Mixing AssemblyN/A£50.31
MI161-2 / AF16112 / A2S3 / B7S4Airsep Newlife Elite Resonator Intake FilterN/A£10.44
VA374-4Airsep Newlife Elite, & Intensity 8 & 10 Solenoid Valve Coil VA374-4N/A£20.69
ASFK-01Airsep Newlife Filter Kit (1 X K1278-1 1 X F1001-1)N/A£9.19
FM033-3 / B8S3Airsep Newlife FM033-3 Flowmeter 0- 5,5 LPMN/A£68.15
AS099-210Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK)N/A£1429.00
AS099-210-BundleAirsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK) BundleN/A£1735.00
AS099-210-Lux-BundleAirsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK) Luxury BundleN/A£1790.00
FI002-1/ F143R / B7S3Airsep NewLife Intensity Cabinet Filter F143RN/A£5.18
KI371-2Airsep Newlife Intensity Fan Upgrade Kit. 240 V KI371-2N/A£247.25
CB100-1 / B7S2Airsep Newlife Intensity o2 Monitor Board 240 V CB100-1N/A£193.35
TA089-3 / B8S5Airsep Newlife Tank Mixing Assembly TA089-3N/A£37.66
BE157-1S / BE155-1S / B9S1Airsep Onyx + Sieve Bed Assembly BE157-1S / BE155-1SN/A£458.94
onyx120vAirsep Onyx 6L Oxygen Concentrator 120 VoltN/A£0.00
ASO16-2Airsep Onyx 6L Oxygen Concentrator 240 VoltN/A£0.00
FI002-2Airsep Onyx Final Bacteria FilterN/A£5.18
CA005-1 / B8S1Airsep Onyx Front PanelN/A£20.83
CB004-RAirsep Onyx Plus Control Board 220 v CB004-2RN/A£90.96
CB068-7 / B7S2Airsep Onyx Plus Control Board 220 v CB068-7N/A£85.91
airseponyxplus120vAirsep Onyx Plus Industrial Oxygen Concentrator 120 VN/A£0.00
AS121-2Airsep Onyx Ultra Industrial Oxygen Concentrator 240 VN/A£0.00
VA290-3Airsep Onyx Valve Block, Non Anodised, Ss PlugsN/A£29.70
BE001-7RAirsep Onyx, Newlife Sieve Bed Assembly BE001-7RN/A£215.00
airseponyxsidepanel / CA006-1 / B8S1Airsep Onyx, Onyx +, Newlife etc Side PanelN/A£43.13
SW114-1 / B4S4Airsep Onyx/Newlife 2 Pole On/Off Switch SW114-1N/A£25.15
CB004-2 / B7S2Airsep Onyx/Newlife Circuit Board 220 V CB004-2N/A£105.99
CR001-5 / B7S5Airsep Onyx/Newlife Circuit Breaker 2.5 Amp CR001-5N/A£14.66
SP005-1Airsep Onyx/Newlife Replacement Compressor Spring SP005-1N/A£4.63
VA006-1Airsep Oxygen Concentrator Non Return Valve VA006-1N/A£7.76
FM079-2Airsep Paediatric Flow Meter 0.1L to 1.0 L 9 psi FM079-2N/A£118.40
FM001-2Airsep Paediatric Flow Meter 1/8 - 2LPM FM001-2N/A£125.57
VA003-10 / B7S3Airsep Plastic Solenoid Equalisation Valve 200Vdc, VA003-10N/A£50.27
SW003-3Airsep Pressure Switch 10-100 PSIG Adjustable Dead Band SW003-3N/A£175.06
AS072-3Airsep Reliant Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
BE036-1S / B7S1 / B8S2Airsep Sieve Bed Assembly BE036-1N/A£149.99
VA034-1 / B8S2 / B8S5Airsep Solenoid Rebuild Kit VA034-1N/A£31.58
VA119-1 / B4S5Airsep Solenoid Valve Coil 200vdc 282-439-8, Eq, va003-2, va003-7N/A£14.97
VA001-2 / B7S4Airsep Solenoid Valve Coil VA001-2 (Previously VA117-1N/A£47.40
VA001-2 / B7S5 / B8S3Airsep Solenoid Valve Coil, Onyx / Newlife 1/4N/A£47.99
VA034-2 / B8S2 / B8S5Airsep Solenoid Valve Kit, Onyx / Newlife VA034-1N/A£28.99
VA001-2 kitAirsep Solenoid Valve Rebuild KIT, Onyx / Newlife 200 VDC VA001-2N/A£59.99
AS013-106Airsep Topaz Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
AS013-123Airsep Topaz Oxygen Concentrator w/ O2 MonitorN/A£0.00
AS013-120Airsep Topaz Oxygen Concentrator w/ SS EnclosureN/A£0.00
AS116-2Airsep Topaz Plus Dual Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
AS018-102Airsep Topaz Plus Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
AS018-114Airsep Topaz Plus Oxygen Concentrator w/ O2 MonitorN/A£0.00
AS018-104Airsep Topaz Plus Oxygen Concentrator w/ SS CoverN/A£0.00
BE036-2Airsep Topaz Sieve Bed Assembly BE036-2N/A£189.99
AS123-2Airsep Topaz Ultra Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
AS123-3Airsep Topaz Ultra Oxygen Concentrator w/ SS CoverN/A£0.00
VA112-1 / B7S2Airsep Valve Coil 120 VAC 218-410-3 *ASCO*N/A£55.65
VA048-1 / B8S2Airsep Valve for Centrox VA048-1N/A£33.34
VA495-1 / B7S3 / B8S4Airsep Valve Solenoid 1/8N/A£49.36
CB016-2 / B7S2Airsep Visionaire & Newlife Main Assembly 5 Circuit Board 220 V CB016-2N/A£135.00
RentalVisionaireAirsep VisionAire 5 (Rental)N/A£0.00
AS098-7Airsep VisionAire 5 Compact Oxygen Concentrator 240 V UK PlugN/A£820.00
AA098-7-BundleAirsep VisionAire 5 Compact Oxygen Concentrator Bundle - 240 V UK PlugN/A£1005.00
AS098-7-LUX-BUNDLEAirsep VisionAire 5 Compact Oxygen Concentrator Luxury Bundle - 240 V UK PlugN/A£1065.00
VISSERVAirsep VisionAire 5 Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£135.00
CB166-1 / B7S2Airsep Visionaire 5 Oxygen Monitor Circuit Board 220 V CB166-1N/A£209.42
BE187-2S / B8S1Airsep Visionaire 5 Replacement Sieve Columns BE187-2SN/A£243.33
FI202-1Airsep VisionAire Handle FilterN/A£7.50
VA-374-4Airsep Visionaire Solenoid Valve Coil VA-374-4N/A£22.95
07309 / C2S5Ambu Res-Cue Mask, First Responder Kit / Resuscitation KitN/A£5.75
0715410Ambulance Panel 0715410N/A£0.00
07154131Ambulance Panel 07154131N/A£0.00
0715439Ambulance Panel 0715439N/A£0.00
KM-706 / IS2Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 1N/A£19.50
KM-705 / IS2Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 2N/A£19.50
KM-704 / IS2Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 3N/A£19.50
KM-703 / IS3Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 4N/A£19.50
KM-702 / IS4Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 5N/A£19.50
KM-701Anesthesia Animal Mask - Size 6N/A£19.50
KM721Anesthesia Mask HarnessN/A£9.50
KRO2.02 / B9S4Angular connector for humidifier with hex nut for oxygen concentrators Kröber O2, Kröber 4.0 and TOPAIR 2N/A£32.95
AROMACONCAPPLEApple Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
CB144-1AS-A PSA Oxygen Generator Circuit Board CB144-1N/A£0.00
HSAO2-6-WABarbed Angled Male Oxygen Concentrator Outlet HSAO2-6-WAN/A£3.75
JXB-182Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Forehead ThermometerN/A£35.00
PHI-backgominiBlack Backpack Bag Simply Go MiniN/A£164.50
INTXOFNP2Brass Barbed Outlet for Sequal Workhorse Oxygen GeneratorN/A£9.33
1035575PBreathing filter Ease IIN/A£4.99
CYT/DE10Bulk Transportation Trolleys, - D & E Cylinders, 10 x CapacityN/A£485.00
CYT/DE14Bulk Transportation Trolleys, - D & E Cylinders, 14 x CapacityN/A£576.00
CYT/DE6Bulk Transportation Trolleys, - D & E Cylinders, 6 x CapacityN/A£445.00
7153000 / C3S1BVM resuscitator, small adult/paediatric, 1L bag with pressure relief valve (40cm H20), size 4 maskN/A£35.00
CR1 / A2S3C Size Cylinder Ring For Cylinders 100 mm DiameterN/A£49.17
CWBCD/RC1C/D Size Oxygen Cylinder Cradle For Rail ClampN/A£99.50
CWC/1 / A2S1C/D Size Oxygen Cylinder Wall Cradle CWC/1N/A£47.35
CAIX935G83Caire Freestyle Service InspectionN/A£135.00
SP-115 / ICS1Cannula Barb for Inogen G2, G3 and G4 SP-115N/A£37.50
KR4.55 / B9S4Capacitor 10 Uf for Kröber O2 / Kröber 4.0N/A£27.95
KRO2.33 / B9S3Castor for Kröber O2 / Kröber 4.0N/A£0.00
DEVILBISS501DZ-603Castor non locking wheel Devillbiss 501DZ-603N/A£17.68
CYLTROL/CDCD/D Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£132.30
AROMACONCCHERRYCherry Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£15.95
1032624Child size mask, multiple use (Small) for MARS demand valve.N/A£83.96
CB039-2Circuit Board Airsep AS-B SeriesN/A£268.50
1501 / C1S2Cirrus 1501 NebuliserN/A£1.66
1510 / C1S2Cirrus 1510 T MouthpieceN/A£1.46
7293001 / D3S4 / G3S2Clearlite Anaesthetic Face Mask, Size 3, Small Adult, Yellow Seal, No Hook Ring, 22FN/A£4.20
7294001 / D3S3Clearlite Anaesthetic Face Mask, Size 4, Adult, Green Seal, No Hook Ring, 22FN/A£4.20
7295001 / E1S4Clearlite Anaesthetic Face Mask, Size 5, Adult, Orange Seal, No Hook Ring, 22FN/A£4.25
7296001 / E1S3Clearlite Anaesthetic Face Mask, Size 6, Adult, Red Seal, No Hook Ring, 22FN/A£4.50
1535000/PRS1Coach 2 Adult Breathing Exerciser with one-way valveN/A£15.42
1536000Coach 2 for Kids with one-way valveN/A£15.42
FI020-1Coalescing Element - FILTER ELEMENT TYPE C-.01N/A£105.85
AE5.09 / A5S3 / B9S3Coarse dust filter for aeroplus 5, set of 5N/A£0.00
K676 / A5S3Coarse dust filter for AEROPLUS 6 / 600, set of 5N/A£0.00
AEm.09 / B9S3Coarse dust filter for aeroplus m, set of 5N/A£0.00
AROMACONCCOCOUNUTCoconut Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
H620 / HCF100 / A2S2Compressor / Inlet Replacement Filter for Respironics Machines / H620 / HCF100 / A2S2N/A£19.65
PLTRAVContinental Travel Adaptor UK to EuroN/A£3.29
PC-60B1BKCreative PC-60B1 Finger Pulse Oximeter BlackN/A£49.99
PC-60B1BKBCreative PC-60B1 Finger Pulse Oximeter BlueN/A£49.99
PC-60B1BKPCreative PC-60B1 Finger Pulse Oximeter PinkN/A£49.99
PC-60B1BKYCreative PC-60B1 Finger Pulse Oximeter YellowN/A£49.99
cylsafetychainCylinder Safety ChainN/A£49.99
CYLWLT8X27Cylinder Trolley, With Stabilizers - F/G Size DoubleN/A£0.00
CYT/J1/STCylinder Trolley, With Stabilizers - J SizeN/A£480.00
CR2 / A2S3D/E Size Cylinder Ring For Cylinders 102 mm DiameterN/A£49.17
DEMH85PN25Demand Regulator with Bullnose inlet (5/8“)N/A£0.00
DEMOXQ5241Demand Regulator with Pin Index inletN/A£0.00
303DZ-628 / B2S3Devilbiss 6 Pack Black Cabinet Screws 303DZ-628N/A£6.42
525DD-628 / B2S3 / B2S4Devilbiss 6 Pack Black Cabinet Screws 525DD-628N/A£6.42
303DZ-628 / B2S9Devilbiss 6 Pack Cabinet Screws 303DZ-629N/A£4.68
525D-608Devilbiss Comm Port Wire Harness 525D-608N/A£6.48
306DS-611 / B2S4Devilbiss iGo Cabinet Filter, 306DS-611N/A£13.78
MC29D-612 / B2S3Devilbiss MC29D-612 Pressure RegulatorN/A£43.33
DEV4G40E19Devilbiss 1 X Air Filter 444-514, Compact 505 and 515 ConcentratorsN/A£3.24
525K-625Devilbiss 220 V Compressor 525K-625N/A£157.15
505IZ-609 / B2S4Devilbiss 4 Pack Motor Mount 505IZ-609N/A£8.46
515ADZ-702 / A2S3 / B3S4Devilbiss 4 Way Rotary Valve 515ADZ-702N/A£59.50
505DZ-607 / B2S3Devilbiss 505DZ-607 Standard 1-5 L Flow MeterN/A£88.46
180-0003-007 / B3S3Devilbiss 515 and 1025 Angled Mains Power Lead UK 180-0003-007N/A£9.35
515LF-610 / B2S3Devilbiss 515LF-610 Paediatric 0.02 -0.8 L Flow MeterN/A£129.68
515UK-634 / B3S2Devilbiss 515UK-634 Cooling FanN/A£36.20
525K-616 / B2S4Devilbiss 525K-616 European Capacitor For Compact 525N/A£15.84
444-514 / F505 / A1S2Devilbiss 6 X Air Filter 444-514, Compact 505 and 515 ConcentratorsN/A£7.56
525D-610 / B3S4Devilbiss Accumulator Tank 525D-610N/A£34.05
505DZ-604 / B2S5Devilbiss Air Filter 6 pack / 505DZ-604 / B2S5N/A£10.39
525D-604Devilbiss Bib 525D-604N/A£51.66
DEVTG9TF7Devilbiss Black Base For 525 525KD-603N/A£84.10
525D-614Devilbiss Cannister 525D-614N/A£12.53
Devilbiss525D-613Devilbiss Circuit Breaker 525D-613N/A£4.12
525DD-640Devilbiss Communication Port Door 525DD-640N/A£2.95
525D-605Devilbiss Compressor Box 525D-605N/A£33.39
525DD-605Devilbiss Compressor Box 525DD-605N/A£64.41
525D-622 / B2S3Devilbiss Compressor Filter 525D-622N/A£19.65
303DZ-630Devilbiss Compressor Plate Hex Nuts 4 Pack 303DZ-630N/A£5.68
515ADZ-643 / B3S3Devilbiss Compressor Rebuild Kit 515ADZ-643N/A£38.10
515AKZ-643 / B3S3Devilbiss Compressor Rebuild Kit 515AKZ-643N/A£38.10
525K-643 / A1S2 / B3S3Devilbiss Compressor Rebuild Kit 525KS & 525DSN/A£49.92
devilbisresetswitchDevilbiss Concentrator Reset ButtonN/A£25.99
303DZ-605/ F605Devilbiss Foam Filter 525 and 1025 Concentrators 303DZ-605 (F605) 6 PackN/A£77.86
525DD-601Devilbiss Front Black Cabinet 525DD-601N/A£82.31
525D-601Devilbiss Front Cover 525D-601N/A£17.16
303DZ-639/ CF105 / B3S4Devilbiss HEPA Filter 303DZ-639/ CF105 For Compact 505 and 515 ConcentratorsN/A£37.32
PV5LD-617 / B2S3Devilbiss Hour Meter PV5LD-617N/A£34.51
CN14819 / B2S4Devilbiss IEC Inlet ConnectorN/A£6.90
535D-605/F705 / A1S1Devilbiss iFill cabinet filterN/A£6.04
515DZ-605/LL205 / A1S2 / B2S3Devilbiss iFill compressor filterN/A£20.43
306D-413Devilbiss iGo Rechargable Battery 306D-413N/A£669.50
IGOSE84I95Devilbiss iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)N/A£1400.00
525DD-614 / B2S4Devilbiss Intake Cannister Black 525DD-614N/A£19.20
306DS-616 / LL201 / B3S4Devilbiss Internal Filter 306DS-616N/A£20.43
525DD-639 / B3S4Devilbiss Intfoam cabinet filter 303dz-605 / F605N/A£12.98
525D-615 / B3S4Devilbiss Light Panel 525D-615N/A£30.08
MC29D-657 / B2S3Devilbiss M/F VCLR Line Cord Strap MC29D-657N/A£13.82
DEV4XGXE40Devilbiss M/F VCLR Line Cord Strap MC29D-657 (Pack of 10)N/A£138.18
303DZ-606 / B2S3Devilbiss Oxygen Outlet Port 303DZ-606N/A£14.04
515DZ-619 / A2S1Devilbiss Pair Sieve Beds 515DZ-619N/A£280.48
525D-619 / A2S1Devilbiss Pair Sieve Beds 525D-619N/A£174.20
525KS-622 / B2S4 / B3S3Devilbiss PCB 525KS-622N/A£146.55
444-582 / B2S3Devilbiss PL T Accumalator Fitting 444-582N/A£6.73
505DZ-508 / B2S4Devilbiss Power Switch 4 Terminal 505DZ-508N/A£5.61
525DD-617 / B3S4Devilbiss Purge Manifold AssemblyN/A£20.55
525DD-602Devilbiss Rear Black Cabinet 525DD-602N/A£82.31
525D-602Devilbiss Rear Grey Cabinet 525D-602N/A£36.40
525D-621 / B2S3Devilbiss Valve Wire Harness 525D-621N/A£5.43
AROMACONCDEWBERRYDewberry Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
818-0005 / B5S4Dialflow O2 Regulator O2 Range C 0.1-1.5 l Pin Index/Barb 818-0005N/A£175.42
818-0017Dialflow O2 Regulator + Auxillary Outlet O2N/A£186.00
818-0001Dialflow O2 Regulator Range A 0.02 to 3 l/min - UK Bullnose/Barb 818-0001N/A£197.35
818-0002Dialflow O2 Regulator Range A .02 -3 l Pin Index/Barb 818-0002N/A£212.52
818-0006Dialflow O2 Regulator Range C O2 - 0.1- 1.5 l UK Bullnose/Barb 818-0006N/A£160.23
818-0010 / B5S4Dialflow O2 Regulator Range D 0.5 to 15 l/min Bullnose/Barb 818-0010N/A£225.19
818-0009Dialflow O2 Regulator Range D 0.5 l-15 l Pin Index/Barb 818-0009N/A£145.15
818-0030 / B5S4Dialflow O2 Regulator Range E 0.01 to 1 l/min - UK Bullnose/Barb 818-0030N/A£197.35
818-0031 / B4S4 / B5S4Dialflow O2 Regulator Range E .01 -1 l Pin Index/Barb 818-0031N/A£212.52
1032994PDisposable Facemask Ease IIN/A£9.99
1032937Disposable mouthpiece Ease IIN/A£4.99
KBMCAD11Double Medical Oxygen CabinetN/A£0.00
KBMCAD06Double Medical Oxygen CabinetN/A£0.00
VA495-2Drain Valve - VALVE SOLENOID 1/8N/A£47.16
505DZ-634Drive Devilbiss 1025 1/2" ID Silicone Braided 505DZ-634N/A£18.70
444-554Drive Devilbiss 1025 1/8" ID (Blue) 444-554N/A£12.80
RentalDrive10Drive Devilbiss 1025 10LN/A£0.00
1025UKDrive Devilbiss 1025 10L Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£985.00
Drive 10 -1025-BundleDrive Devilbiss 1025 10L Oxygen Concentrator BundleN/A£1000.00
Drive10-Lux-BundleDrive Devilbiss 1025 10L Oxygen Concentrator Luxury BundleN/A£1260.00
1025D-610Drive Devilbiss 1025 Accumulator Tank 1025D-610N/A£44.61
525DD-635Drive Devilbiss 1025 Auxiliary Oxygen Port 525DD-635N/A£12.43
1025K-603Drive Devilbiss 1025 Base 1025K-603N/A£46.24
525DD-636 / B2S3Drive Devilbiss 1025 Cabinet Screws 525DD-636N/A£8.65
1025UK-616Drive Devilbiss 1025 Capacitor (motor start/run) 1025UK-616N/A£20.54
501DZ-603 / B3S3Drive Devilbiss 1025 Castors (4 pack) 501DZ-603N/A£26.94
1025K-625Drive Devilbiss 1025 Compressor 1025K-625N/A£332.35
1025D-615Drive Devilbiss 1025 Compressor Box with Foam 1025D-615N/A£53.21
1025D-682Drive Devilbiss 1025 Compressor Filter 1025K-625N/A£43.65
1025D-657Drive Devilbiss 1025 Compressor Intake Hose (Silicone) 1025D-657N/A£12.80
1025K-643Drive Devilbiss 1025 Compressor Rebuild Kit 1025K-643N/A£77.20
1025D-634Drive Devilbiss 1025 Cooling Fan 1025D-634N/A£37.23
525DD-639Drive Devilbiss 1025 Filter Door 525DD-639N/A£7.05
1025D-607Drive Devilbiss 1025 Flow Meter 1025D-607N/A£71.29
525DD-611Drive Devilbiss 1025 Front Cover 525DD-611N/A£33.77
1025D-655Drive Devilbiss 1025 Heat Exchanger Tube 1025D-655N/A£19.70
1025D-605 / A2S2Drive Devilbiss 1025 Intake Bacterial Filter 1025D-605N/A£28.84
444-566Drive Devilbiss 1025 Ladder Clamp 444-566N/A£6.97
1025D-609Drive Devilbiss 1025 Motor Mount PKG 4/PKG 1025D-609N/A£16.60
525D-170Drive Devilbiss 1025 O2 Outlet Port 525D-170N/A£20.29
1025SERVDrive Devilbiss 1025 Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£170.00
1025D-622Drive Devilbiss 1025 PC Board 1025D-622N/A£221.35
1025D-508Drive Devilbiss 1025 Power Switch 1025D-508N/A£9.72
1025D-612Drive Devilbiss 1025 Pressure Regulator Assy 1025D-612N/A£55.47
1025D-614Drive Devilbiss 1025 Pressure Relief Valve for 025 1025D-614N/A£19.04
1025D-617Drive Devilbiss 1025 Purge Harness Assembly 1025D-617N/A£37.43
525DD-612Drive Devilbiss 1025 Rear Cover 525DD-612N/A£32.56
CN100Drive Devilbiss 1025 Regulator Outlet 525 CN100N/A£15.32
1025D-619Drive Devilbiss 1025 Sieve Beds (Pair) 1025D-619N/A£207.62
1025D-631Drive Devilbiss 1025 Top Cover 1025D-631N/A£40.40
525SERVDrive Devilbiss 525 Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£135.00
525-KSDrive Devilbiss 525-KS 5L Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£800.00
525-KS-BundleDrive Devilbiss 525-KS 5L Oxygen Concentrator BundleN/A£985.00
525-KS-LUX-BUNDLEDrive Devilbiss 525-KS 5L Oxygen Concentrator- Lux BundleN/A£1040.00
DM5UKDYNMED 5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator UK PlugN/A£580.00
CWBE/RC1E Size Oxygen Cylinder Cradle With Rail ClampN/A£98.50
CT4E Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£142.50
CWC/2 / A2S1E Size Oxygen Cylinder Wall CradleN/A£62.50
1032620PEase II Reusable MaskN/A£84.99
0715309EASE II, 3 m hose, Brass Demand RegN/A£649.99
0715300EASE II, 3 m hose, BSI-probeN/A£409.99
SP20623840 / B6S1Eclipse 5 Spare Top Case Assembly / SP20623840 / B6S1N/A£108.86
BAG100REDEclipse Series 100 First Aid Kit BagN/A£3.95
20553098 / B6S3Eclipse UK E2-E3 PSU AC Power Supply Unit / 20553098 / B6S3N/A£115.68
1188000 / G2S3Eco Aerosol Mask, No PVCN/A£4.00
325197479ECOlite® 4000 Oxygen ConserverN/A£1125.00
pelidivingEmergency Diving Oxygen Cylinder Peli CaseN/A£265.00
VA095-1Equalization Valve - VALVE REBUILD KIT 302272N FOR G94N **AU1I*N/A£126.66
AROMACONCEUCALYPTUSEucalyptus Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
PL06737European Schuko to UK Converter Plug, 10A,N/A£3.10
PL06731European Schuko to UK Converter Plug, 5A,N/A£3.10
EXDEM-DRIVE10-NBEx-Demo Drive 10N/A£835.00
515A-705 / B2S4Exhaust Muffler Devilbiss 1025D-705N/A£20.06
extralargeemtredExtra Large Paramedic EMT Trauma Holdall RedN/A£0.00
CR3 / A2S3F Size Cylinder Ring For Cylinders 140 mm DiameterN/A£49.17
CT3F Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£325.00
CYT/FG1F/G Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£225.00
CYLSTATROL/F/GF/G Size Oxygen Cylinder Trolley with StabilisersN/A£261.28
VA089-1 / B8S3Feed Valve - VALVE REBUILD KIT 304817 **AU1I* VA089-1N/A£127.59
FINNSYMX18 / A1S2 / B3S2Final Bacteria Filter Devilbiss PV5LD-651 (BF600)N/A£6.35
828-0031 / B4S4Firesafe Female Oxygen Concentrator Outlet 828-0031N/A£11.99
827-0021Firesafe Male Lockring 827-0021N/A£11.99
827-00321 / B4S3Firesafe Nozzle DISS 27-00321N/A£11.99
FM067-2Flowmeter FM067-2 to Fit Airsep Visionaire 5 Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£95.00
airsepflow8lFlowmeter to Fit Airsep Onyx Plus Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£119.80
KI406-1Focus/ Freestyle 5 Kit data interfaceN/A£80.00
MI459-1FreeStyle Comfort BackpackN/A£95.00
CD041-1FreeStyle Comfort DC Power CableN/A£44.00
CR4 / A2S3G Size Cylinder Ring For Cylinders 178mm DiameterN/A£49.17
CT2G Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£365.00
GASLARGE-1Gas Cage Large 1700 x 1000 x 500Galvanised£725.00
E1CIC14-1Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Black£435.00
E1CIC14-3Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Blue£435.00
E1CIC14-2Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Galvanised£605.00
E1CIC14-5Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Green£435.00
E1CIC14-4Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Red£435.00
E1CIC14-6Gas Cage Medium 900 x 1350 x 500Silver£435.00
E1CIC14-1Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Black£385.00
E1CIC14-3Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Blue£385.00
E1CIC14-2Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Galvanised£555.00
E1CIC14-5Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Green£385.00
E1CIC14-4Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Red£385.00
E1CIC14-6Gas Cage Small 900 x 700 x 500Silver£385.00
GASLARGE-1Gas Cage X Large 1800 x 900 x 900Galvanised£745.00
0715216GCE Mars II Industrial Automatic and Manual Resuscitation Kit (Adult only)N/A£0.00
0715212GCE Mars II Standard Automatic and Manual Resuscitation kitN/A£1900.00
0724194GCE MediReg O2 bullnose G1/4 Abulance RegulatorN/A£0.00
0724200GCE MediReg O2 bullnose G1/4 contact gauge Ambulance RegulatorN/A£0.00
0720247GCE Mediselect II Bullnose 137 Bar 0-25LPM Pressure RegulatorN/A£285.00
Zen-oPortableServiceGCE Zen-o Portable Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£135.00
RS-00521GCE Zen-O™ AC Power Supply And UK/BS Power CordN/A£143.04
RS-00501GCE Zen-O™ Battery 12 cellN/A£395.55
RS-00509GCE Zen-O™ Carry BagN/A£0.00
RS-00508GCE Zen-O™ DC Power AdapterN/A£113.91
RS-00504GCE Zen-O™ European Schuko Power CordN/A£19.61
RS-00517GCE Zen-O™ External Battery Charger - UKN/A£299.95
RS-00512GCE Zen-O™ POC Cannula Filter Replacement Pack of 10N/A£27.50
RentalZen-OGCE Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Rental)N/A£0.00
RS-00507GCE Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator Pull CartN/A£0.00
zenoGCE Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 2 X 12 Cell BatteriesN/A£2855.00
GCE-ZENO-4XBATTGCE Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 4 X 12 Cell BatteriesN/A£3495.00
RS-00511GCE Zen-O™ Zen-O Cannula Filter Removal ToolN/A£12.46
RS-00506GCE Zen-O™ Zen-O UK Power CordN/A£14.54
1110055 / C3S3Guedel airway, Size 0 (5.5) Grey colour codingN/A£4.50
1100050 / C3S4Guedel airway, Size 00 (5.0) Blue colour coding Pack of 5N/A£4.50
1000035 / C3S3Guedel airway, Size 000 (3.5) Pink colour codingN/A£4.50
1111065Guedel airway, Size 1 (6.5) White colour coding Pack of 5N/A£4.50
1111065 / C3S3Guedel airway, Size 1 (6.5) White colour coding Pack of 5N/A£4.50
1113090 / C3S3Guedel airway, Size 3 (9.0) Orange colour codingN/A£4.50
1114100 / C3S4Guedel airway, Size 4 (10.0) Red colour codingN/A£4.50
1115120 / C3S4Guedel airway, Size 5 (12.0) Purple colour coding Pack of 5N/A£4.50
HBODKUHC77HbO-Smart Fingertip Pulse OximeterN/A£50.99
2XCAN+MASKHi Boost 2 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Cans Inc 1 x Mask and TubingN/A£23.95
1XCAN+MASKHiBoost 1 X O2 10 Litre Oxygen Can Inc 1 x Mask and TubingN/A£16.99
PAE5O8M56High Concentration, Non-Rebreathing Adult Oxygen MasksN/A£4.81
SO676 / K1S1Humidifier Tubing Adaptor SO676N/A£5.25
1601450Infant Oxygen Cannula 1.2 mtr tube max 3lpmN/A£4.13
RP-402 / ICS3Inogen at Home Columns RP-402N/A£244.38
RP-401 / ICS2Inogen at Home Inlet Filter RP-401N/A£39.13
RP-400 / ICS1Inogen at Home Particle Filter RP-400N/A£31.83
RP-125Inogen Cable Fuse for Automobile Input Cable RP-125N/A£28.55
RentalHomeInogen Home (Rental)N/A£0.00
BA-301 / ICS1Inogen One G2 & G3 AC Powercable BA 301N/A£124.61
RP-129 / ICS1Inogen One G2 & G3 Shoulder Strap RP-129N/A£32.50
RP-301 / ICS1Inogen One G3 1-5L Intake Particle Filter RP-301 2 PackN/A£29.50
RP-300 / ICS1Inogen One G3 4L Intake Particle Filter RP-300 2 PackN/A£25.13
BA-300 / ICS2Inogen One G3 8 Cell Battery BA 300N/A£285.00
CA-300Inogen One G3 Carrybag CA-300N/A£48.62
BA-303Inogen One G3 External Battery Charger BA-303N/A£245.00
RP-321 / ICS2Inogen One G3 Replacement Sieve Columns x 2 1-5 L RP-321N/A£195.00
CA-350Inogen One G3 Rucksack CA-350N/A£125.00
BA-306 / ICS3Inogen One G3, G4 & G5 DC Powercable BA-306N/A£76.00
ca-501Inogen One G3/G5 CartN/A£139.99
BA-400 / ICS2Inogen One G4 4 Cell Battery BA-400N/A£290.00
BA-408 / ICS2Inogen One G4 8 Cell Battery BA-408N/A£450.00
BA-401 / ICS2Inogen One G4 AC Mains Supply Powercable BA 401N/A£149.00
RP-404 / ICS1Inogen One G4 and G5 Output Filter Replacement Kit RP-404N/A£32.00
CA-450 / ICS1Inogen One G4 Backpack CA-450N/A£115.00
CA-400Inogen One G4 Carry Bag CA-400N/A£65.99
CA-401 / ICS1Inogen One G4 Carry Strap CA-401N/A£22.69
BA-403 / ICS2Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger BA-403N/A£259.00
RP-405 / ICS1Inogen One G4 Particle Filter RP-405N/A£26.10
RP-406 / ICS3Inogen One G4 Replacement Sieve Columns x 2 1-3 L RP-406N/A£195.00
BA-500 / ICS2Inogen One G5 8 cell battery BA-500N/A£290.00
BA-501-UKInogen One G5 AC Mains Supply Powercable BA 501 UKN/A£155.00
CA-550Inogen One G5 Backpack CA-550N/A£125.00
CA-500 / ICS1Inogen One G5 Carry Bag CA-500N/A£78.50
BA-503 / ICS2Inogen One G5 External Battery Charger BA-503N/A£275.00
RP-500 / ICS1Inogen One G5 Particle Filter RP-500N/A£27.99
RP-502 / ICS2Inogen One G5 Replacement Sieve Columns x 2 1-6 L RP-502N/A£142.62
BA-516 / ICS3Inogen One G5/Rove 6 16 cell battery BA-516N/A£455.00
RP-102 / ICS1Inogen One Series Output Filter Spanner RP-102N/A£24.99
RP-410 / ICS1Inogen Output Filter 1 only (For use with G5 and G4 only) RP-410N/A£10.90
RP-107Inogen Output Filter Replacement Kit RP-107N/A£31.20
RP-101Inogen Output Filter X 1 onlyN/A£10.90
inogenportableannmaitInogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator Annual MaintenanceN/A£135.00
inogenserviceInogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator Service and Inspection (Out of Warranty)N/A£175.00
RentalRoveInogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Rental)N/A£0.00
wh23filter / B6S2Intake Filter for Sequal Workhorse 23 Oxygen GeneratorN/A£23.33
MC44D-605/ LL400 / B2S3Internal Filter for Devilbiss 525 concentrators MC44D-605N/A£36.05
INTZDJPQ23Intersurgical Adult EcoLite Aerosol Mask box of 50N/A£25.00
INTFPMQR76Intersurgical Adult EcoLite Aerosol Mask x 3N/A£9.00
1135015 / F2S1Intersurgical EcoLite , adult, oxygen mask with tube, 2.1m 1135015N/A£5.20
1136015 / G1S3Intersurgical Ecolite Adult Medium Concentration Mask / 1136015 / G1S3N/A£4.20
1181015 / F2S1Intersurgical EcoLite™, adult, high concentration oxygen mask with tube, 2.1m 1181015N/A£6.97
1196015 / G3S4Intersurgical EcoLite™, paediatric, medium concentration oxygen mask with tube, 2.1mN/A£3.20
1196015 / G1S2Intersurgical EcoLite™, paediatric, medium concentration oxygen mask with tube, 2.1m - 1196015N/A£4.20
BF975 / A1S1Invacare Compressor Filter For Platinum 5, 10, Perfecto 2 / BF975 / A1S1N/A£6.97
BF910 / B1S4Invacare Compressor Filter PlatinumN/A£9.18
1102837Invacare Perfecto2 5L Sieve Beds (Pair)N/A£129.00
1131249 / B1S4Invacare Platinum 5 & 9 L HEPA Inlet Filter 1131249N/A£6.97
ICFC1Invacare Platinum 5 L Filter Kit ICFC1N/A£8.50
1143492 / F1108Invacare Platinum 5 L Foam Cabinet Filter 1143492N/A£1.95
ICFC-01Invacare Platinum 9 L Filter Kit ICFC2N/A£9.25
1107412/ F1107 / A1S1 / B1S4Invacare Platinum 9 L Foam Cabinet Filter 1107412/ F1107N/A£2.70
POC1-150Invacare Platinum Mobile 3 in 1 Carry CaseN/A£103.18
POC1-130-EUInvacare Platinum Mobile AC Power SupplyN/A£180.27
POC1-110-GBInvacare Platinum Mobile Additional BatteryN/A£212.44
POC1-140Invacare Platinum Mobile DC Car ChargerN/A£96.69
POC1-115-GBInvacare Platinum Mobile External ChargerN/A£237.64
invacareportableserviceInvacare Portable Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£175.00
invacareserviceInvacare Static Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£135.00
CR5 / A2S3J Size Cylinder Ring For Cylinders 229mm DiameterN/A£49.17
CT1J Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£354.16
BUSTERLARGE / LS1Jorgy Buster Controlled Oxygen Pet ICU Cage Large 44N/A£479.00
BUSTERMEDIUM / LS1Jorgy Buster Controlled Oxygen Pet ICU Cage Medium 24N/A£366.00
BUSTERSMALL / LS1Jorgy Buster Controlled Oxygen Pet ICU Cage Small 18N/A£238.00
JPD-FR203/PRBINSJumper Non-Contact Forehead ThermometerN/A£39.95
KANBREATHEKANBREATHE Lung Exerciser/Airway Clearance PEP Device for Average Lung CapacityN/A£15.15
KI608-2 / B9S1KI608-2 NewLife 10L (230V, 50Hz) Retrofit PC Board Kit inc CB200-2 main BoardN/A£414.26
KI608-4 / B9S1KI608-4 NewLife 5L (230V, 50Hz) Retrofit PC Board Kit inc CB200-4 main BoardN/A£405.39
KT1276 / B9S2Krober External Dust Filter (5 pack) KT1276 / B9S2N/A£12.08
KROEBERBACTERIALKR02-11Kroeber Oxygen Concentrator Bacterial Output FilterN/A£12.29
KRO2.09 / B9S2Kroeber Oxygen Concentrator Course Dust Filter 5 PackN/A£12.08
KRO2.10 / B9S3Kroeber Oxygen Concentrator Fine Intake FilterN/A£13.13
KRO2.70Kroeber Oxygen Concentrator Sieve Columns KRO2-70N/A£245.00
kroeberserviceKroeber Static Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£125.00
largeemtgreenLarge Paramedic EMT Trauma Holdall GreenN/A£0.00
largeemtredLarge Paramedic EMT Trauma Holdall RedN/A£0.00
KRO2.22 / B9S3Lid for servicefold, with foam for Kröber O2 / Kröber 4.0N/A£0.00
OCT2Lightweight Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£107.50
AROMACONCLIMELime Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
M12nipple / C1S4M12 Oxygen Flowmeter Outlet 1505001N/A£1.88
PS211-1 / B4S2MAGNALUBE-G .75 OZ TUBEN/A£14.25
HSA02-6 / C1S4Male Oxygen Concentrator Outlet Poly carbonate White Swivel HSAO2-6N/A£3.75
9510/C / B1S3Marinox Boat Unit Cushion Support Foam 540 lN/A£18.50
BayonetMarinox Boat Unit Replacement Bayonet ConnectorN/A£12.95
1151 / B1S3Marinox Boat Unit Replacement Cushion MaskN/A£10.95
probeMarinox Boat Unit Replacement Oxygen Probe ConnectorN/A£9.50
crp/maskMarinox CPR Face MaskN/A£7.95
marinox9000Marinox Emergency Oxygen Divers Boat Unit (400lt Supplied Empty)N/A£1300.00
marinox9050Marinox Emergency Oxygen Divers Boat Unit (No Cylinder)N/A£920.50
marinox9500containerMarinox Emergency Oxygen Diving Unit ContainerN/A£320.00
marinox9101Marinox Mk2 D/V Regulator Emergency Oxygen System (No Cylinder or Case)N/A£569.00
1024385MARS square carry bagN/A£140.92
R218P12-001 / B1S1Maxtec Handi Oxygen MeterN/A£255.00
MEDGDQR266Medical Device Tag carry on exemptionN/A£5.95
MEDIB50Q72Medireg II O2 ,G5/8 Bullnose Inlet ConnectionN/A£0.00
MEDYTMP532Medireg II O2 ,Pin Index Inlet ConnectionN/A£0.00
MED8VFS893MediReg II O2 ,Pin Index Inlet Connection, 0 to 15 l/m flowmeterN/A£0.00
KBMCAD22Medium Medical Oxygen CabinetN/A£0.00
1019803MediVital Combivalve 200bar with 2l Cylinder (empty)N/A£0.00
MM6010Medivital Oxygen Cylinder Supplied Empty O2 Cylinder 2LN/A£525.00
MMRA22VW72MMR High Pressure RegulatorN/A£0.00
0728187MRI Compatible Mediflow Ultra Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator 0-2 LPMN/A£260.22
0728173MRI Compatible Mediflow Ultra Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator 0-25LPMN/A£262.46
0728168MRI Compatible Mediflow Ultra Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator 0-6 LPMN/A£272.09
MRIA8Z6B90MRI Compatible Mediselect Pin Index Oxygen Regulator 0-2 LPMN/A£349.00
0720246MRI Compatible Mediselect Pin Index Oxygen Regulator 0-25 LPM 137 BarN/A£349.00
0720297MRI Compatible Mediselect Pin Index Oxygen Regulator 0-25 LPM 200 BarN/A£349.00
MRIQXRKE20MRI Compatible Mediselect Pin Index Oxygen Regulator 0-6 LPMN/A£349.00
checkvalvenarrowx10Narrow Replacement Check Valve for Oxygen StationsN/A£15.08
1168 / G2S3Nasal Cannula Curved/Flared Prong Headset Only 1168N/A£2.50
1160000 / G3S4Nasal Cannula, Premature, Curved Prong Tube 2.1m Phthalate FreeN/A£3.13
1164000 / G2S2Neonatal curved prong with tube, 2.1m length 1164000N/A£4.10
CO006-4S / B7S1NEW Airsep Compressor Assembly Onyx/Newlife CO006-4SN/A£486.13
AS200-2 / N1S2 SGLNEW Airsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator + SGL 8 CELL BATTERYN/A£1850.00
AS200-202 / N1S2 DBLNEW Airsep Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator w/ DOUBLE 8 CELL BATTERYN/A£1950.00
RS-00502-G-SNEW GCE Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 1 X 12 Cell BatteryN/A£2560.00
IS-400-UK-ICS2NEW Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 4 CellN/A£2195.00
IS-400-UK8 / N1S2NEW Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 8 CellN/A£2295.00
Inogen Rove 6NEW Inogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 16 Cell BatteryN/A£2295.00
NEWROVE6-8CELLNEW Inogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 8 Cell BatteryN/A£2195.00
NEWROVE6-DOUBLE16CELLNEW Inogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Double 16 Cell BatteryN/A£2595.00
NEWROVE6-PACKAGENEW Inogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Package DealN/A£2895.00
IRC5PO2VAWS­UK/N1S2NEW Invacare Perfecto2 V 5L Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£650.00
F900150 / A5S1NEW Philips Respironics Evergo Foam FilterN/A£6.10
AG1095248 / A5S1NEW Philips Respironics SimplyGo Inlet Filter kitN/A£20.75
6900-08-SEQ / N1S1NEW Sequal Eclipse 5 POC With autoSAT 6900-08-SEQN/A£2290.00
NEWSEQUAL-DOUBLEBATTNEW Sequal Eclipse 5 POC With autoSAT 6900-08-SEQ -2X BatteryN/A£2645.00
NEWSEQUAL-PACKAGENEW Sequal Eclipse 5 POC With autoSAT 6900-08-SEQ PACKAGE DEALN/A£2795.00
RS 00608-G-DNEW Zen-O lite™ double battery portable oxygen concentratorN/A£2424.00
RS 00608-G-SNEW Zen-O lite™ single battery portable oxygen concentratorN/A£1999.00
NEW6NQ8V50Newlife Visionaire Buzzer W HarnessN/A£34.72
NIDEK30Nidek Max 30 L Medical Oxygen ConcentratorN/A£0.00
9250-1180 / A1S2 / A5S2Nidek Nuvo 8L and 10 L Air Inlet Filter 9250-1180 / LL201/N/A£22.17
9250-1025/ F04V / A5S2 / A5S5Nidek Nuvo 8L and 10L Cabinet Filter 9250-1025/ F04VN/A£6.50
9250-1380Nidek Nuvo 8L Board OMS Compass 9250-1380N/A£145.00
985UKNidek Nuvo 8L Oxygen Concentrator UK PlugN/A£1345.00
8400-8015Nidek Nuvo 8L Sieve Columns 8400-8015N/A£315.00
8400-1209 / A5S2Nidek Nuvo 8L Timing Board 8400-1209N/A£120.00
8400-1180 / LL209 / A5S2 / A5S4 / A1S1Nidek Nuvo Lite 5 L Air Inlet Filter 8400-1180N/A£24.60
8400-1025 /F10V / A1S2 / A5S3Nidek Nuvo Lite 5L Cabinet Filter 8400-1025N/A£6.50
8400-1047Nidek Nuvo Lite 5L CAPACITOR, 230 V 8400-1047N/A£22.17
9250-1322Nidek Nuvo Lite 8L CAPACITOR, 230 V 9250-1322N/A£23.99
7631-1053 / BF500 / A5S2 / A1S1Nidek Nuvo, Invacare Perfect O2 5L, 8L and 10L Bacterial Filter 7631-1053/BF500N/A£9.15
925UKNidek Nuvolite Mark 5 Oxygen Concentrator UK PlugN/A£949.00
8400-2060 / A5S2Nidek Pressure Regulator Assembly Nuvo 8L 8400-2060N/A£59.99
nidekserviceNidek Static Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£130.00
NON2500Nonin 2500 Palmsat Digital Oximeter with MemoryN/A£469.00
NON2500ANonin 2500A Palmsat Digital Oximeter w/ Adjustable Alarms & MemoryN/A£525.00
NON8500Nonin 8500 Hand Held Digital OximeterN/A£359.00
nonin9500Nonin 9550 Onyx II Finger Oximeter with Soft Carry CaseN/A£204.17
nonin9590Nonin 9590 Onyx Vantage Finger Oximeter with Soft Carry CaseN/A£165.83
NONK8Z6U55Nonin PureLight® Reusable SpO2 Sensor, Finger Clip (1m Cable)N/A£135.00
O2GO 1 X 18L MASK AND TUBEO2GO 1 X 18L Oxygen Can with Mask and Tube - 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£19.25
O2GO 2 X 18L MASK AND TUBEO2GO 2 X 18L Oxygen Can with Mask and TubeN/A£39.99
O2GO 3 X 18L MASK AND TUBEO2GO 3 X 18L Oxygen Can with Mask and TubeN/A£32.99
O2GO 6 X 18L MASK AND TUBEO2GO 6 X 18L Oxygen Can with Mask and Tube - 99.5% Pure OxygenN/A£115.99
OGS1 2160001-C01OGSI Inline Disposable Filter 1/4N/A£30.00
OGSI 706S003-001OGSI Sieve Bed Assembly (2) for OGSI OG20 Oxygen GeneratorN/A£1075.00
AROMACONCORANGEOrange Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
OA-PLUS-1125-8 / A3S2OxyArm Plus Adjustable Head Band Diffuser Arm 7′ Tubing OA-PLUS-1125-8N/A£21.39
OA-DA-3025OxyArm™ Disposable Cannula Arm OA-DA-3025N/A£4.50
OA-DA-1025OxyArm™ Disposable Diffuser Arm OA-DA-1025N/A£4.75
OA-DA-2025OxyArm™ ETCO2 Disposable Diffuser Arm OA-DA-2025N/A£7.00
OA-1025-8 / A3S2OxyArm™ Non Adjustable Head Band Diffuser Arm 7′ Tubing OA-1025-8N/A£9.99
OA-PLUS-3125-8 / A3S1OxyArm™ Plus Adjustable Head Band Nasal Cannula & Tubing OA-PLUS-3125-8N/A£16.95
OA-PLUS-3125OxyArm™ Plus Adjustable Head Band Nasal Cannula No Tubing OA-PLUS-3125N/A£12.75
OA-HB-1125OxyArm™ Plus Clear Adjustable Head Band OA-HB-1125N/A£5.75
OC-1025-8OxyChin™ inc Tubing OC-1025-8N/A£5.20
Ch41200Oxyfit Charging Adaptor Bullnose to Pin Index FittingN/A£135.83
Ch40900Oxyfit Charging Adaptor UK Pin Index FittingN/A£120.83
1205 / C1S1Oxygen Concentrator Outlet 1205N/A£3.33
splitterOxygen Concentrator Splitter Tubing inc Firesafe Oxygen Cannula ValveN/A£24.99
OCT3 / F1S2Oxygen Cylinder Carrier and Case - SidekickN/A£110.00
o2cylcase1 / OCS2Oxygen Cylinder Carrying CaseN/A£39.99
peli1510Oxygen Cylinder Peli CaseN/A£265.00
CRWB1 / A2S3Oxygen Cylinder Ring Wall Bracket onlyN/A£46.67
AG407154Oxygen Flowmeter Tester 1 - 8 LPMN/A£22.58
AG40715415Oxygen Flowmeter Tester 2 - 15 LPMN/A£22.58
1035579Oxygen mask and tubing, Adult size for MARS regulator.N/A£10.63
bottlesealrevOxygen Station Bottle sealN/A£8.79
bottlesealaframeOxygen Station Bottle seal For "A " FrameN/A£10.38
aframereplacementbottleOxygen Station Replacement Bottle Square TopN/A£6.13
EXTRA6Oxygen Store extended 6 month warrantyN/A£75.00
1173 / D2S4Oxygen tube with wide connector , 1.8m length 1173N/A£3.25
1174003 / E2S5Oxygen Tubing 2.1m / 1174003 / E2S5N/A£1.46
tubecon1215 / C2S2Oxygen Tubing Connector 1215N/A£3.46
PMCD22-02Oxygen Tubing Connector For Invacare Homefill PMCD22-02N/A£24.50
PIN7000 / C1S2Oxygen Tubing Inline Water TrapN/A£6.95
1225 / C2S3Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector Male to female 1225N/A£4.50
OK-1125-8 / A3S1OxyKid™ Pediatric Mask 7′ tubing OK-1125-8N/A£8.55
OM-1125-8 / A4S2OxyMask™ inc 7′ tubing OM-1125-8N/A£7.69
OP-1125-8 / A3S1OxyMask™ Plus Large Mask inc 7′ tubing OP-1125-8N/A£7.69
OT-1025-8 / A4S1OxyTyke™ Paediatric Mask inc 7′ tubing OT-1025-8N/A£8.55
10x3/16stconnPack of 10 3/16 Straight Tubing ConnectorsN/A£7.92
tx10 / B4S3Pack of 10 3/32 T connectorsN/A£10.42
10xbarbedelbowPack of 10 5/32 x 5/32 Barbed ElbowN/A£15.42
10xteeconPack of 10 90 Degree Elbow Tubing ConnectorsN/A£7.92
1163 / G2S4Paediatric Curved Prong Cannula Tube, 2.1m length 1163N/A£2.60
1192000 / G1S4Paediatric High Concentration Oxygen Mask Tube 1192N/A£7.50
1163000 / G2S4Paediatric Nasal Cannula With Curved Prongs And Tube 2.1m / 1163000 / G2S4N/A£3.20
1602725Paediatric Oxygen Cannula 2.1 mtr tube max 6lpmN/A£3.88
7151000Paediatric, BVM resuscitation system, (40cm H20) size 3 maskN/A£35.00
7154000 / C3S2Paediatric, BVM Resuscitation System, 550ml Bag (40cm H2O) size 1 maskN/A£35.00
1005 / C2S3Pair Adult Salter Labs Tender GripN/A£3.00
1217 / C1S5Pair Salter Labs Hydrocolloid StripsN/A£1.88
1007 / C2S4Pair Salter Labs Tender Grip® InfantN/A£3.04
BB50TE / B3S4 / B8S5Pall breathing system filterN/A£18.88
paradisebarParadise Oxygen Bar CounterN/A£5832.50
AROMACONCPEPPERMINTPeppermint Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
H621/BF600Philips Millennium™ M600, M605 Final Bacteria Filter OEM# H621N/A£5.74
1055625/ F105 / A5S1 / A1S1Philips Respironics Everflo Foam Filter F105N/A£4.25
1038831 / A5S3Philips Respironics Everflo Intake Filter 1038831N/A£11.75
520 / A5S3Philips Respironics Everflo Microdisk Bacterial Filter 520N/A£4.95
EVERSERVPhilips Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Service / InspectionN/A£120.00
PRFC1Philips Respironics Everfo Filter Kit PRFC1N/A£15.50
1095248 / AG1095248 / A5S1Philips Respironics Simply Go Inlet Filter 1095248N/A£19.50
1082661Philips Respironics SimplyGo AC Power SupplyN/A£145.00
1074885Philips Respironics SimplyGo Carry CartN/A£89.00
1083692Philips Respironics SimplyGo DC Car ChargerN/A£79.00
1039642 / B1S4 / B2S5Philips Respironics SimplyGo Humidifier Connecting TubesN/A£4.50
1122729Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini AC Power SupplyN/A£110.00
1082662Philips SimplyGo Additional BatteryN/A£352.30
0765340Pin Index Oxygen Cylinder Valve 17E Inlet Thread 200 BarN/A£29.95
MU043-1 / B4S5Plastic Muffler Assembly, BlackN/A£30.00
PW008-4S / ACS2Power supply assembly battery belt for AirSep Freestyle UK plugN/A£242.99
PRESEQUAL5PRE OWNED Sequal Eclipse 5N/A£1650.00
Pre-Owned-7082-SEQPre-Owned Sequal Eclipse Power CartridgeN/A£300.00
FI029-1 / B8S4Prefilter Element - FILTER ELEMENT TYPE A-5.0 FOR PARTICULATEN/A£54.10
PCT1Premier HX Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£445.00
PCT3Premier J Size Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£526.53
VA495-3 / B8S4Product Valve - VALVE SOLENOID 1/8N/A£39.09
2/3 pvc / D1S4PVC Tubing 30 Metres 2mm bore size 1 mm wall size Industrial GradeN/A£15.97
36pvctubing / D1S3PVC Tubing 30 Metres 3mm bore size 1.5mm wall size Industrial GradeN/A£9.58
pvc46tubing / D1S3PVC Tubing 30 Metres 4mm Bore 1mm Wall Industrial GradeN/A£16.75
pvc515tubing / D1S2PVC Tubing 30 Metres 5mm bore size 1.5mm wall size Industrial GradeN/A£12.75
pvc69tubing / D1S4PVC Tubing 30 Metres 6mm bore size 1.5mm wall size Industrial GradeN/A£15.75
PVC81.5 / D1S5PVC Tubing 30 Metres 8mm Bore 1.5mm Wall Industrial GradeN/A£15.75
tubecutPVC Tubing CutterN/A£3.71
REF-G5-199Refurbished Inogen G5 With 1x16 Cell BatteryN/A£1700.00
REF-G5-330Refurbished Inogen G5 With 1x16 Cell BatteryN/A£1600.00
Drive-10-BoxReplacement Box For Devilbiss Drive 10N/A£35.50
4 gang valeReplacement Oxygen Station 4 Gang ValveN/A£25.99
stationbottleReplacement Oxygen Station BottleN/A£5.99
timerReplacement Oxygen Station Clockwork TimerN/A£56.99
StationtubeReplacement Oxygen Station Light TubeN/A£12.79
solvalvecoilReplacement Oxygen Station Solenoid Coil OnlyN/A£53.35
SOLENOIDANDCOILReplacement Oxygen Station Solenoid Valve and CoilN/A£105.00
solenoidvalveReplacement Oxygen Station Solenoid Valve OnlyN/A£64.99
bottlestandReplacement Perspex Bottle TrayN/A£55.99
Resp10 / N1S3Respiray Wearable Air Purifier VisorN/A£195.00
2003558/B1S3Sabre Portaflow Charging Adaptor UK Bullnose fittingN/A£135.00
16SOFT4 / K1S1Salter 16 Soft Nasal Cannula inc 4 FT (1.2m) TubingN/A£3.25
16SOFT7 / K1S1Salter 16 Soft Nasal Cannula inc 7 FT (2.1m) TubingN/A£3.45
1600TLC / K1S1Salter Adult Cannula Inc EZ Wraps 7 Ft Tubing 1600TLCN/A£3.95
7100 / A4S1Salter Labs® Bubble Humidifier 350 cc -Dry 3 PSI Pop-off 7100N/A£5.99
7600 / A4S1Salter Labs® Bubble Humidifier 350 cc -Dry 6 PSI Pop-off 7600N/A£5.99
7900 / A4S1Salter Labs® High Flow Bubble Humidifier 7900 6-15 LPM 6 PSIN/A£7.95
8110 / K2S1Salter Medium Concentration Adult Oxygen Mask 7' Tube 8110N/A£4.25
1220 / C2S2Salter Swivel Tubing Connector 1220N/A£2.04
1221 / C2S1Salter Swivel Tubing Connector 1221 with Security ClipN/A£3.13
20705971 / B7S3Sequal / Airsep Screw FH, 6-32 X 1/4" SSN/A£0.65
20705851 / B7S3Sequal /Airsep Screw PH 10-24X3/8N/A£0.47
20678526SeQual Eclipse & Equinox, and Airsep Freestyle Wheelchair StrapsN/A£81.12
SP5494 / B6S3Sequal Eclipse 1 & 2 Replacement ATFN/A£0.00
20852324SSeQual Eclipse 2, 3 & 5 AC Power Supply Inc UK Lead 20852324SN/A£251.38
5941-SEQ/N1S1SeQual Eclipse 2, 3 & 5 AC Power Supply No Lead 5941-SEQN/A£150.80
5942-SEQ / B6S4SeQual Eclipse 2, 3 & 5 DC Car Charger / Power Supply 5942-SEQN/A£206.74
RentalSequalSequal Eclipse 5 (Rental)N/A£0.00
SP20623837Sequal Eclipse 5 Bottom CaseN/A£218.40
20626704-C1Sequal Eclipse 5 Manual Hard Copy EnglishN/A£51.48
SP20626702Sequal Eclipse 5 Replacement ATFN/A£707.58
7104-SEQSeQual Eclipse Accessory BagN/A£37.43
7028-SEQ / B6S2SeQual Eclipse Air Intake FilterN/A£8.28
7112-SEQ / B6S3Sequal Eclipse Desk Charger 7112-SEQN/A£247.14
6986-SEQ / B6S2SeQual Eclipse External HEPA FilterN/A£17.92
6963-SEQSeQual Eclipse HandleN/A£14.57
4770-SEQ / B6S2SeQual Eclipse Internal HEPA FilterN/A£12.48
7082-SEQ / B6S2Sequal Eclipse Power Cartridge 7082-SEQN/A£410.00
5052-SEQSequal Eclipse Protective Cover 5052-SEQN/A£103.00
5093-SEQSeQual Eclipse Travel Accessory KitN/A£601.12
5010-SEQSeQual Eclipse Travel CaseN/A£92.56
5991-SEQ / B6S4SeQual Eclipse Universal Cart with Telescopic Handle 5991-SEQN/A£107.34
5220-SEQ / B3S1SeQual Eclipse Wheelchair Pack 5220-SEQN/A£145.84
4880-SEQSequal Equinox Cart 4880-SEQN/A£98.80
4823-SEQ / ACS1Sequal Equinox 12 Cell Battery 4823-SEQN/A£296.40
4972-SEQSequal Equinox 24 Cell Battery 4972-SEQN/A£369.20
4920-SEQ / B6S3Sequal Equinox Accessory Bag 4920-SEQN/A£65.36
4830-SEQ / B6S2 / B6S3Sequal Equinox DC Power Supply 4830-SEQN/A£46.80
4980-SEQSequal Equinox External Charger 4980-SEQN/A£187.20
7116-SEQ / B6S2Sequal Equinox Humidifier Kit 7116-SEQN/A£47.99
9759-SEQ / B6S2SeQual eQuinox Inlet Compression FilterN/A£80.30
4999-SEQSequal Equinox Mains Power Cord, for use with Power SupplyN/A£16.63
4836-SEQ / B6S2Sequal Equinox Mains Power Supply 4836-SEQN/A£213.28
20626704-C2Sequal Equinox Manual Hard Copy EnglishN/A£33.28
4845-SEQSeQual eQuinox Particle Filter 4845-SEQN/A£7.12
SP2185-SEQSeQual Integra 10L Cabinet Inlet Filter SP2185-SEQN/A£28.59
sequalportableserviceSequal Portable Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£135.00
5163-SEQSequal Regalia Oxygen Generator with o2 Monitor 5163 SEQN/A£0.00
SEQQHXCZ83Sequal Static Oxygen Concentrator Service/InspectionN/A£138.00
5591-SEQSequal Universal Power Adapter 5591-SEQN/A£31.19
seqcoverSequal Workhorse CoverN/A£0.00
seqo2monitorSequal Workhorse Oxygen MonitorN/A£0.00
sequalpresgaugeSequal Workhorse Pressure GaugeN/A£0.00
SHUDTLGL67Shuko European Electrical Adaptor to UKN/A£3.75
1xsidestream4445 / C1S3Sidestream Disposable Nebulizer ChamberN/A£2.08
sidestreammouthpiece1601Sidstream Nebuliser Angled MouthpieceN/A£1.46
KBMCS01Single Medical Nitrogen CabinetN/A£0.00
KBHC04Single Oxygen Cylinder Oxygen StandN/A£166.50
KBHC03Single Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£270.21
KBHC01Single oxygen medical trolley 2LTRN/A£129.99
KBMCAS05VETSmall Medical Oxygen CabinetN/A£0.00
SMIXKO0714Smith Little Torch Kit Oxy Gas Fuel SystemsN/A£215.00
PRO-SSUNIStainless Steel Universal Cylinder Wall Bracket to 50LN/A£59.40
BA-O2-3 / C1S4Steel Angled Oxygen Concentrator Outlet BA-O2-3N/A£22.99
HSA04-6-BW / C1S4Steel Barbed Movable Angle Oxygen Concentrator Outlet HSA04-6-BWN/A£27.99
HSA04-6 / C1S4Steel Barbed Oxygen Concentrator Outlet HSA04-6N/A£9.99
BA-O2-02 / C1S4Steel Oxygen Concentrator Tubing Outlet BA-O2-02N/A£12.00
12 8K3ZF50Step own Power Converter 100W, 220V TO 110V AC Shuko PlugN/A£39.99
STETIGQK20Step Down Power Converter 100W, 220V TO 110V AC UK PlugN/A£26.99
PW00942Step Down Power Transformer 240V TO 110V UK to USA 45WattN/A£22.99
HSTW03-350Sterile Water 350 ml Inc Barbed Hose Adaptor UNF 9/16N/A£5.99
1 x 1l HSTW03-1000FLD/6Sterile Water Bottle 1litre, with Cap Box of 6 HSTW03-1000FLDN/A£23.94
1 x 1l HSTW03-1000FLD / A4S2Sterile Water Bottle 1litre, with Cap x 1N/A£3.99
1930000 / C1S4 / IS1Straight Mouthpiece 22MN/A£1.50
1162000 / E1S3 / G2S1Straight Prong Adult Nasal Cannula with 5 M Tubing 1162000N/A£3.20
1161000 / G2S1Straight Prong Nasal Cannula 1.8 M Tube 1161000N/A£1.90
AROMACONCSTRAWBERRYStrawberry Concentrated Oxygen AromaN/A£12.95
FM069-1SureFlow (1 LPM flowmeters) oxygen flow station with 7 ft (2.1 m) connection hose, 2 outlet adapters, and user manualN/A£757.03
FM069-2SureFlow (2 LPM flowmeters) oxygen flow station with 7 ft (2.1 m) connection hose, 2 outlet adapters, and user manual.N/A£1113.62
TEE1104O79Tee Connector 6mmN/A£8.95
THE2WS5457THE OXYGEN STORE 3 x Oxygen Masks Medium Concentration Adult with 7' Tube TubingN/A£13.00
THELMWPD84Therapy Regulator, Bullnose with BS 5682 quick connection outlet.N/A£0.00
PL15131Travel Adaptor UK To US WhiteN/A£3.99
lungexercis / LS1TRI-GYM™ Lung Breathing ExerciserN/A£9.99
325396137Trolley for 10L + 20L Cylinders, Without BeltN/A£0.00
14090630Trolley for 10L Cylinders, 5 Wheels, StaticN/A£0.00
325396136PTrolley for 10L or 20L Cylinders, Without BeltN/A£0.00
325397691Trolley for Gas Cylinders, D=116 mmN/A£0.00
KRO2.27 / B9S3Turning knob for flow adjustment for Kröber O2 / Kröber 4.0N/A£0.00
PL13342 / B7S4UK Plug to Figure-8; (C7) Type Mains Lead 2m BlackN/A£3.25
PL11536UK to Worldwide Travel Adaptor, (Twin Pack)N/A£9.99
UB-WUltrabreathe® Breathing Exerciser – WhiteN/A£12.99
R221P11UltraMaxO2 Oxygen Concentrator AnalyserN/A£589.99
UNI-1+3UNI 1+3rd Wheel Gas Cylinder TrolleyN/A£495.00
UNI-4+3rdUNI 4+3rd Wheel Gas Cylinder TrolleyN/A£625.00
C/D74RPT35Universal Cylinder Wall Bracket for cylinders up to 50LN/A£75.00
OCT1Universal Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyN/A£120.83
PL15131-1US Travel Adaptor US to UKN/A£3.29
Drive-10-manualUser Manual For Devilbiss Drive 10N/A£25.00
VA044-1Valve Check 1/4N/A£27.00
VA110-1 / B8S4Valve Coil 218410-001**ASCO**N/A£170.25
VARY7X8N58VARIMED High Pressure RegulatorN/A£0.00
TU004-4U / B4S4Vinyl Tubing 1/4" od X 1/8" id GreenN/A£3.75
EXDEMV5Visionaire 5 (As New)N/A£495.00
WACSWarranty CareN/A£0.00
VA096-1Waste Valve - VALVE KIT RBLD 302272 *AU1I* VA096-1N/A£169.50
wipedownbaggreen / OCS1Wipe Down Barrel Bag GreenN/A£58.95
wipedownbarrelbag / OCS1Wipe Down Oxygen Barrel Bag BlueN/A£58.95
wipedownbagred / OCS1Wipe Down Oxygen Barrel Bag RedN/A£58.95

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