OxyArm™ Plus Adjustable Head Band Nasal Cannula & Tubing

Product Code: OA-PLUS-3125-8
Manufacturer: Southmedic


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    ABOUT OxyArm™ Plus Adjustable Head Band Nasal Cannula & Tubing

    Oxyarm PLUS Cannula with Headband, Diffuser Arm & 7' tubing.

    The PLUS range of Oxyarm is fitted with 3 additional foam pads fitted to the headset to ensure extra patient comfort.

    Oxyarm is an excellent alternative to concentional Masks and Nasal Cannuale.

    OxyArm™ is a unique oxygen delivery device with minimal contact and no facial contact making it ideal for burn units, trauma centers and homecare. 

    It delivers 24% to 50% oxygen on flows from 1 lpm to 15 lpm. 

    It is designed for both nose and mouth breathers and adapts to both left and right side. 

    No Facial Contact
    Odourless and Latex Free
    Comfortable Not Claustorphibic
    Allows Talking, Eating, Drinking.
    Use for both Nose & Mouth Breathing
    Approx O2 Concentration 32-35% @ 4 LPM
    28-31%  O2 Concentration @ 2 LPM
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