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Questions & Answers

Oxygen Concentrators


Q Why cant I obtain a Portable Oxygen Concentrator from the NHS to take abroad?


Q Do I have to have a prescription to purchase an Oxygen Concentrator from The Oxygen Store?


Q What is the difference between Pulse Dose Flow and Continous Flow on a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?


Q Which Oxygen Concentrators am I allowed to take on an airplane?


Q I use my Oxygen Concentrator in a smoking environment, is this something which can affect my health?


Q Do the Oxygen Concentrators come with any warranty?


Q How do I know if my Oxygen Concentrator is delivering oxygen at the correct purity?


Q I see multiple machines a fraction of your prices on auction sites, why are yours so much dearer?





Q I have a 10 hour flight and require 2LPM Continuous Flow and I cannot find a machine which provides the needed battery life, what can I do?


Q I don't like using nasal cannula, can I use an oxygen mask with a portable Oxygen Concentrator?


Q What is the maximum length of tubing I can use with a Oxygen Concentrator?


Q Can I use a mask with my Portable Oxygen Concentrator?


Q Which is the better delivery method of oxygen, a cannula or a mask?





Q I have a medical condition, do I still have to pay VAT?


Q I am a VAT registered business owner, do I still have to pay VAT?


Q I reside outside of the EU and I am looking at purchasing some of your products, would it be possible to become VAT Exempt?


Q I am currently on holiday in the UK, I am from outside the EU and have just purchased an oxygen concentrator from you, how do I claim the VAT back?



Oxygen Cans


Q I have just received the can but it feels completely empty? What can you do about this?


Q I have COPD and I feel like my condition is deteriorating, is this what I should be buying?


Q What are the main purposes of the oxygen can?


Q What is the difference between this product and the air?


Q Would it be okay to take some of these cans on an airplane?


Q Do I need to buy a new mask with every can I purchase?


Q Can I claim VAT Exemption for your can and mask product?




If you have any other questions or enquiries which are not answered here, please email them to questions@baro2.com


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