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Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK)

Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK)
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ABOUT Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK)
  • Description





    Vat Exempt


    With the NewLife Intensity 10, high pressure and maximum flow in one concentrator means that your most challenging oxygen applications can be met. Even set-ups for two patients are easily achieved through the use of NewLife Intensity 10 - the new, true 10 LPM unit.

    Special applications, such as with the use of jet nebulizers, venti masks, and medication nebulization with oxygen, are possible for in-home care, as well as in acute care environments, the Intensity 10 Litre is also ideal for use with EWOT (excercise with oxygen training) utilising the powerful flow from NewLife Intensity 10. This concentrator serves as the driving force behind high flow oxygen applications that might otherwise depend on external compressors and other equipment to meet a variety of more complex respiratory patient needs. Elimiate costly gas or liquid oxgen deliveries for high flow patients.


    Product Specifications

    NewLife Elite NewLife Intensity Series (8 and 10 LPM)  
    Oxygen Concentration* 1–3 LPM: 95.5% - 92.0% 8 LPM: 2-7 LPM: 92%±3; 8 LPM: 90%±3  4 LPM: 92% ±3% 10 LPM: 2-9 LPM: 92%±3; 10 LPM: 90%±3    5 LPM: 90% ±3%
    Oxygen Outlet Pressure  20 psig (138 kPa)
    Dimensions 28.5 in. H x 15.7 in. W x 14.5 in. D 27.5 in. H x 16.5 in. W x 14.5 in. D 72.4 cm H x 40.0 cm W x 36.8 cm D (69.9 cm H x 41.9 cm W x 36.8 cm D)
    Weight  54 lb; shipping weight – 64 lb 8 LPM: 54 lb (24.5 kg)     (24.5 kg; shipping weight – 29 kg) 10 LPM: 58 lb (26.3 kg)
    Power 120 V, 60 Hz, 4 amps 8 LPM: 120 V, 60 Hz; 220-240 V, 50 Hz; 220-240 60 Hz 220–240 V, 50 Hz, 2 amps 10 LPM: 120 V, 60 Hz; 220-240 V, 50 Hz  220 V, 60 Hz, 2 amps     
    Power Consumption 350 watts 8 LPM: 410 watts 10 LPM: 590 watts
    Alarms Battery test, Power failure, High and low pressure,  Battery test, High Temperature, Power failure, High and low Low concentration (with optional oxygen monitor) pressure, Low concentration (with optional oxygen monitor)

    *Based on an atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psia (101 kPa) at 70° F (21 °C). Operating unit outside of operational temperature range can affect performance.




    Newlife brochure in English Click Here

    Newlife brochure in French click Here

    Newlife brochure in German click Here

    Newlife brochure in Spanish click Here

    Newlife brochure in Italian click Here

  • Features
    • Enables the use of standard accessories and long tubing runs without a drop off in flow
    • Higher outlet pressure for delivering up to 10 LPM oxygen
    • Low flowmeter blocks for pediatric and other low flow applications available
    • Outlet pressure 20 PSI
    • Quiet and efficient operation with PowerPurge technology
  • Specifications
    FlowFlowFlow: 2-10 lpm
    WeightWeightWeight: 58 lb or 26.3 kg
    DimensionsDimensionsDimensions: 69.85 cm High x 41.91 cm Wide x 36.83 cm Deep
    Power ConsumptionPower ConsumptionPower Consumption: 590 watts as an average
    Outlet PressureOutlet PressureOutlet Pressure: 20 psi
    Mains VoltageMains VoltageMains Voltage: 240 V
    WarrantyWarrantyWarranty Length: 3 Years
    Decibel (Db)Decibel (Db)Noise Level: 55 decibels
    o2 % Mino2 % MinO2% Min: 2–9 LPM at 89% to 95%
    o2 % Maxo2 % MaxO2% Max: 10 LPM at 87% to 93%
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Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator (UK)
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