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Large Scale Oxygen Generator Systems


The Oxygenstore supply  on-site generation products range from standard generators to custom-built, large-scale industrial Pressure Swing Adsorption ("PSA") or Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption ("VPSA") systems that can produce 120 tons of oxygen per day.


Used in applications ranging from hospitals to military installations, fish hatcheries to mining, environmental remediation to oxygen delignification and bleaching,


Our range of oxygen generators provide a reliable source of continuous, high-purity oxygen.


Please note that there may be restrictions on where we are able to supply these products, please call us for further information on 0345 100 0084

You may find the following comparison chart useful.

 Product Flow Product Pressure 
Sequal  ATF-83.880.219620.62
Sequal AATF-125.7120.319620.62
Sequal ATF-157.1150.397480.48
Sequal ATF-2310.8230.67480.48
Sequal ATF-2512250.6514970.96
Sequal ATF-3215320.8414970.96
Sequal Quad-6028601.577480.48
Sequal Quad-100471002.62151031.03
Sequal Quad-130601303.41151031.03
Airsep AS-A9-1120-250.53-0.6645-50310-3453.0-3.4
Airsep AS-B21-2545-551.18-1.4545-55310-3793.0-3.7
Airsep AS-D37-4280-902.10-2.3745-55310-3793.0-3.7
Airsep AS-D+37-4780-1002.10-2.6345-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-E75-92160-1954.21-5.1345-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-G117-151250-3206.57-8.4145-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-J212-283450-60011.83-15.7745-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-K353-424750-90019.72-23.6645-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-L471-6131,000-1,30026.29-34.1845-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-N707-8491,500-1,80039.43-47.3245-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-P943-1,0852,000-2,30052.58-60.4645-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-Q1,179-1,3212,500-2,80065.72-73.6145-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-R1,415-1,7463,000-3,70078.86-97.2745-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-W1,887-2,1704,000-4,600105.15-120.9345-65310-4483.0-4.4
Airsep AS-Z2,359-2,5955,000-5,500131.45-144.5945-65310-4483.0-4.4
Note: For Alpha Series Standard Generator models, specify oxygen flow and pressure at time of order. 
*SCF (Standard cubic foot) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70°F    
Nm3 (Normal cubic meter) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 0°C.   
*LPM (Liters per minute) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 21°C.   


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