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Devilbiss Ifill Station inc 2 Constant Flow Cylinders

Devilbiss Ifill Station inc 2 Constant Flow Cylinders
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ABOUT Devilbiss Ifill Station inc 2 Constant Flow Cylinders
  • Description


    Devilbiss Ifill Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station

    With 2 Constant Flow Cylinders.

    (Also available with Pulse Dose Cylinders)


    We believe that a person should not be restricted because of a need for oxygen. The iFill will give you control over your ambulatory needs, allowing you more independence in your daily life.

    What is the iFill?
    The iFill extracts oxygen from room air and pressurises it to fill oxygen cylinders quickly and conveniently in the home.

    Fulfilling your ambulatory needs
    The iFill provides an unlimited refillable supply of oxygen. You can continue with your daily routine and use your prescribed oxygen supply at the same time.
    Refill your cylinders as often as required.

    Fill up safely and easily
    With its user-friendly design and simple one-touch operation, the iFill is easy-to-use. Connect your cylinder securely with the iFill’s custom-designed push-click connector. Once connected, simply press the ‘Start/Stop’ button and the control panel lights will indicate when the cylinder is filling and when it is full. Your cylinders will be filled safely, quickly and conveniently in your own home.

    Place it anywhere in your home
    The iFill is a standalone unit.  It works independently of your concentrator, acting as an additional source of oxygen. It can be placed in a separate room to you; giving you the freedom to either place it alongside your concentrator, or somewhere less obtrusive.

    Representing the latest innovation in  Portable Oxygen convienience.

    Designed for both home and business use, the stand alone Ifill Portable Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station runs from 240 v mains electricity and extracts oxygen from the air around us, using it to fill portable oxygen cylinders to a purity of 93% (+/- 3%) about the same as a conventional oxygen concentrator, Ifill is designed to either complement or completely replace delivered cylinders.

     Ifill is safe and easy to operate, users can fill high pressure oxygen cylinders in comfort, without the expense and inconvenience normally associated with cylinder deliveries.

    Operation is simplicity itself, just push the cylinder outlet into the Ifill click connector, once connected press the fill button, the control panel lights let you know when the cylinder is filling and when its full, you can even top up part used cylinders.

    Unlimited re-fills for just the electricity cost (useage approx 4.1 Amps), a range of cylinder sizes to suit your needs with pulse dose regulators.

    An M6 cylinder (1.25 L) takes just 90 minutes to fill from empty, it will last for up to 1.4 hours before needing a re-fill (Flow at 2 LPM).


    Oxygen Cylinder Duration

    NOTE-All ambulatory ranges are calculated assuminga breath rate of 20 BPM in Pulse Dose mode.


    Use Times (Shown In Hours)




    Flow Rate LPM:                                     1             1.5         2             2.5         3            4             5            6

    Continuous Flow ML6                          2.8            1.9         1.4          1.1          .9           .7             .6           .5

    Continuous Flow C                               4.0           2.7          2.0         1.6         1.3          1.0         .8           .7

    Continuous Flow   D                             6.9          4.6          3.5        2.8         2.3           1.7          1.4         1.2


    This chart is intended to be used only as a guide.




    • Wide range of cylinder sizes available (from 1.25 litre to 2.9 litre wc)
    • Fills ML6 cylinder in 90 mins
    • Automatically shuts off when filling is complete.
    • Cylinders can be refilled as often as needed.
    • Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped up.
    • The Ifill unit can be placed and used virtually anywhere in the home, minimizing the noise and disruption to daily life (Only 50dB).

    • Our Price Includes;

    • 1 iFill Personal Filling Station

    • 2 x M6 portable Constant Flow Cylinders (or your choice up to 2.9L, )

    • 1 x Cylinder Carrying Bag




     Technical Specifications


    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 72.5 cm x 57.0 cm x 31.0 cm

    • Weight: 30.0kg

    • Oxygen concentration : 93% ± 3% (0.5 – 5l / min) 

    • Electrical requirements : 230V / 50 Hz / 1.7 Amp 

    • Average filling pressure: 2,000 ± 200 psig


    Cylinder types:



    3 Years on Ifill unit (or 8760 hours whichever occurs first)

    2 Years on cylinders, conservers and regulators


    NB For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for this product.


    • Not designed to be used as an Oxygen Concentrator - this is a cylinder filling station.


     "Dont wait in whilst life is passing you by. Oxygen Patients can now enjoy greater independance to leave home on the spur of the moment thanks to the innovative Ifill Personal Oxygen Station. You'll never be dependant on home cylinder delivery schedules or fear of running out of oxygen again- two big reasons why you may have been reluctant to venture away from home in the past"

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Devilbiss Ifill Station inc 2 Constant Flow Cylinders
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