OxyMask™ ETCO2 inc 7′ tubing OM-2125-8

Product Code: OM-2125-8
Manufacturer: Southmedic


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    ABOUT OxyMask™ ETCO2 inc 7′ tubing OM-2125-8

    OxyMask™ ETCO2 inc 7′ tubing OM-2125-8

    OXYMASK DELIVERS 24 to 65% OXYGEN with Endtidal CO

    This innovative oxygen mask allows: open communication with patients, continuous delivery of prescribed medical oxygen, easy access for other therapies and helps make patients more comfortable thus increasing patient use compliance.

    OxyMask’s logical advantages:

    • Eliminates CO2 rebreathing
    • Provides quick access for oral suctioning
    • Ideal for conscious sedation & surgical post-op oxygenation
    • Open design allows communication between patient & caregiver
    • OxyMask delivers 1-15 LPM (with CO2 Monitoring)
    • Reduces claustrophobia
    • Safe when emesis occurs

    OxyMask has the ability to maintain a concentrated flow of oxygen means that less oxygen flow is required to maintain a prescribed SpO2.  To the hospital and to the ambulance this means patient safety and cost savings.





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