Oxygen Cylinders, Regulators, Conservers and Accessories

Oxygen Cylinders, Regulators, Conservers and Accessories

Oxygen Cylinders, Regulators, Conservers and Accessories


Please note that currently we are unable to supply filled Medical Grade Oxygen Cylinders, we are still able to supply all Regulators and Accessories and Empty Cylinders etc.




As a general sales list item controlled by the  MHRA, we are unable to sell Medical Oxygen Cylinders directly to members of the public, we can only supply GP's, Dentists Veterinary Practices, or other suitably qualified Professionals, we may require a verifcation of purchasers qualification prior to the despatch of orders for Medical Oxygen.




Under Paragraph 44,  part 5 of Schedule 3 and the NHS GDS contracts regulations 2005 and the NHS Personal Dental Services Agreements Regulations 2005, Primary Care Trusts are entitled to carry out a visit of any practice premises where practitioners holding a contract for the delivery of NHS dental care are based.


Part of the check list requires that you have a Medical Oxygen Cylinder with regulator capable of delivering a flow rate of at least 10 litres per minute on the premises.with reducing valve, flow meter, tubing, non-rebreathing oxygen mask & suitable connectors. Minimum size cylinder 340 litres.


The check will ask is the emergency oxygen cylinder and regulator regularly maintained and whether the oxygen within the cylinder been renewed within 3 years?


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