Lifechoice Activox 4 L Portable Oxygen Concentrator and Extra Battery

Product Code: AOX-P4L-UK+200122
Manufacturer: Inova Labs


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  • Weight IconWeight: 2.2KG 4.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions IconDimensions: 9.05” w x 7.875” h x 4.38” d
  • Cpap Bipap SuitabilityCPAP Suitability; Not Suitable
  • Mains VoltageMains Voltage; 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Warranty IconConcentrator 3 years Limited warranty
  • Flow PulsePulse Flow; 1-4 pulse settings
  • Flow ContinuousContinuous Flow; No
  • Battery LifeBattery Duration: 10.15 hours at setting 1, 8.15 hours setting 2, 5 hours setting 3
  • Battery Charge TimeBattery Recharge Time: 4.5 hours internal battery
  • FlightAirline Approval; FAA Approved
  • Dc Option12 V DC; Lead Included
  • DecibelDecibels: 46 dB at 2 setting
  • O2mino2% Min; 90% ± 3%
  • O2maxo2% Max; 90% ± 3%

ABOUT Lifechoice Activox 4 L Portable Oxygen Concentrator and Extra Battery

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LifeChoice Activox Pro offers the longest lasting internal battery compared to other portable oxygen concentrators weighing less than 5 pounds (2.2KG).
Along with the additional external battery the Activox can give up to 15 hours of runtime (at 1LPM equivalent flow) making it the perfect solution for travelers and people on the go.

LifeChoice Activox Pro features powerful Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE Delivery technologies that work together to deliver oxygen as you need it.

  • Auto Mode Technology automatically adjusts breath trigger sensitivity to support shallow breath rates during periods of rest and faster breath rates during periods of activity.
  • PULSE-WAVE Delivery takes over once a breath has been detected and controls the flow of oxygen so that the maximum dose can reach your lungs. This gentle form of delivery helps to minimize uncomfortable side effects such as dry nose or nose bleeds that are often associated with other forms of delivery.


Lightweight & Hands-Free

At only 4.3 pounds, the Pro model is light enough to carry throughout the day. Each unit comes equipped with an adjustable bag that configures into a shoulder bag, briefcase, waist pack or backpack for true hands-free portability.



Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Height: 7.875”

Width: 9.05”

Depth: 4.38”

Oxygen Flow: Up to 4 LPM equivalent continuous flow

Power Source: AC and DC power supply

Battery: Up to 10.15 hours, internal battery

Up to 4.45 additional hours, with external battery

Recharge time: 4 hours Internal battery, 2 hours external battery

Oxygen Concentration: 90% (+/- 3%)


What's Included?

Activox™ 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator Including Internal battery

External Battery

AC Mains Power Supply

DC (Car Charger) Power Supply

Protective bag & shoulder strap

Accessory bag

Nasal cannula.






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Lifechoice Activox 4 L Portable Oxygen Concentrator and Extra Battery
Code: AOX-P4L-UK+200122
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