ECOlite® 4000 Oxygen Conserver

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    ABOUT ECOlite® 4000 Oxygen Conserver

    ECOlite® 4000 Oxygen Conserver with spiral hose, batteries and nasal cannula

    With the ECOlite® 4000, oxygen is delivered only during the inspiration phase, permitting savings of up to 10 times compared to continuous flow oxygen therapy

    • The volume of oxygen needed for one breath is delivered during the first third of the inspiratory cycle, which guarantees both efficient and optimal treatment and a short exposure of the nasal mucosa to medical oxygen.

    A special feature of the ECOlite® 4000 is the small, internal regulator, that allows the user to select a supply inlet pressure of between 1,6 to 5 bar. The working pressure of the device is regulated to 1,6 bar which enables a both clinically and physiologically patient friendly oxygen administration.

    The device has two operating modes, Automatic and Manual.

    • In the Automatic mode the amount of oxygen delivered increases in relation to the set flow rate at breathrates of 15 to 30 breaths per minute, to a maximum of 8 lpm. In the Manual mode the flow rates are from 0,5 to 8 lpm with 0,5 lpm steps

    • The flow settings can be locked at any rate by the health care personnel in charge of setting the flows on initial

    • The device has several built in alarm functions for safe use. The alarms are shown on the display and are also audible

    The ECOlite® 4000 has alarms for:

    • Low battery

    • No oxygen

    • No breathing


    The battery life time of the device is prolonged to last for 200 hours. Standard AA 1,5 volt batteries are in use.




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